Teaching M@ths using ICT

Mathematics is a very wide and important subject area and the basis for many career fields (such as science, engineering, construction, technology, finance, commerce, industry, computing, information technology, education…). Unfortunately, many students have difficulties with this subject! So, the educators are wondering:  How to inspire my students in math lessons?  How to make boring formulas significant?  How to make Maths less boring?  Must I change the didactic? Since 2005 some European schools have changed their pedagogical approaches to the Mathematics teaching. The inclusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into education is recognized as: providing opportunities for developing skills for the 21st century, having the potential to transform pedagogical practices, and playing a role in reforming curricula. Additionally, it is considered an essential tool for developing understanding about mathematical concepts. The challenge for teachers is to use ICT in ways that promote mathematical thinking and concept development. In Greek schools this transformation (from traditional teaching to the modern one) is gradual. In contrary, nowadays, the French pupils are taught Maths using ICT. So, we chose to realize the project «Teaching M@ths using ICT» under the criteria: a) Relevance to the national curricula b) Interdisciplinary c) Accordance with the principles of the EU for Education d) Creative Teaching in Mathematics USING ICT and e) Strengthening the existing cooperation between the founders-schools.