The project aims at comparing manners of good behaviour present in countries of the partners. We want to discover how we should behave while visiting a foreign country and staying with a host family. We have created Willy - a character who visits our countries and has to adjust to rules obligatory in each country. Willy is a naughty boy but our students help him to improve his behaviour. Willy is changing from a rude boy to a polite, sociable young man. Through Willy we will examine the pressures and problems that face European families with members from different cultures and backgrounds with regard to education, work, prejudices from friends and family etc. Students develop a story of Willy principally by means of a comic book. They cooperate in mixed international groups with committees responsible for a part of the story. The final produtct of our work will be an international book of good manners – a kind of quide of rules helping young people to become good citizens of European society, respecting humanbeing values and behaving in accordance to sovoir vivre principles. We will launch the product in the international event, our students will learn advertising skills and we expect this will help them in possible future work, for example public relation position. Students will improve their language skills, make use of modern information technologies while working on the project and at the same time develop their creativity and innovativeness.