Climate change - Can we control it?

Climate change has become a global problem, which concerns us all. All teachers at schools have to face the fact that it is their responsibility to educate pupils on the factors which affect climate change. The objectives of the Partnership are: – to encourage pupils to develop a better understanding of climate change, – to evaluate how their everyday behaviour affects climate change, – to find out what can be done at schools to combat climate change. The cooperation will result in: – an electronic Hungarian-Slovenian-Czech-English dictionary including the terminology of climate change, – a film about the air pollution of each school’s location, – a play called ‘Verdict’ written and played by pupils, which is a humorous trial on things that emit greenhouse gases. – a booklet that contains the description of all the activities the pupils take part in, and all the data, mathematical procedures, analysis and interpretations the children are to collect and conduct while making surveys on climate change. The project will include subjects such as Environmental Studies, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Information Technology, thus pupils’ digital competence and competence in science, mathematics and technology will improve. As the working language is English, pupils’ competence in communication a foreign language will develop.