So Far, So Near

In this project we will work together with our partner school in Poland on the topics which allow the students to develop their general knowledge, as well as their language and computer skills. Thanks to ICT tools they will have access to plenty of real language resources and the opportunity to participate in real communication. The students will focus on what is near; their classmates, schoolmates, relatives, their region and country and what is no longer far; other countries’ history, customs and traditions. After being registered in the Moodle Virtual classroom, created for the project, the students will use it to work at least weekly. There, students from both countries, will meet and work together on a magazine, videos of both schools, a resource bank of compositions, and a gallery of photos of the people and places surrounding both schools etc. We will also create together a blog of the project and, every now and then, will use other tools, as Skype, to have live meetings. The goal is to make them realise that distance is not a problem to work together with others.