Adventure of the drop.

The aim of the project is to learn, explore and experiment the world around us. Children will learn about water in many aspects: a liquid/a solid/a gaseous state, water in our town- the river and lakes, the place of starting the local river, place the water is cleaning-water purification plant, Water circulation, animals living in the water, plants growing in the water, salt water and fresh water, rivers, lakes, seas, oceanes, using water at home, cleaning water, water as the place to rest and work. Children will make experimens with water, use water to water painting. They also will visit the factory of cleaning water and check if the water from our taps is clean enough to drink. They will learn about places in the world where people feel lack of water. They will contact organizations to learn how to help people living in Africa and try to help them.Children will make PPT presentation about adventure of the drop and will learn the nursery rhyme- rain. At the end of the project children will go to the place where the local river starts and take a boat tour on the local lake. The projects starts in October 2009 and stops in May 2010.