Our Feathery Friends

Young children are curious about the world surrounding them. This is the best age to reinforce life long learning skills about the natural environment. This cross-curricular project will help pupils to learn about their local environment and to understand that there are no boundaries for nature. Pupils will observe local birds and compare them with partner countries, they will make bird feeders, visit local nature reserves, learn songs in native and partner languages, make observational drawings of birds and exchange them with partners. They will also practice their reading skills using a special “Bird” library and taking challenges to read more books than their partners. Flashmeeting will help to compare the reading challenge results and set new challenges. Through traditional stories pupils will learn about each others cultures and have a taster in their partner languages by singing songs. Pupils will benefit from exploration during the visits to nature reserves leading to presentation of their own findings using SlideShow, PowerPoint or Photo Story software.