A Recipe for 21st Century Life

'A Recipe for 21st Century Life' is a project intended to enhance understanding of our role as citizens of a global community. This project addresses the problematic elements as well as the opportunities that a generally richer society has attained. Society may well be considered richer due to access to numerous communication technologies, increased wealth, growing access to easy travel, fatty and sugary foods and sedentary lifestyles. Yet, we seem to have lost sight of the origins of this technological society, our histories and the various connections between them. Societies have reached a point of counter-productivity whereby the impulsion to innovate therefore develop positively is in danger of being lost.The aim of our project is to address these issues whilst promoting the positive aspects of life-easing technologies. With each activity children's and adults' citizenship is an enduring theme. We introduce ourselves and our cultures to our partners through a series of introductory PowerPoints followed by a range of activities addressing 21st century concerns as wide-ranging as water consumption, healthy eating, exercise, technologies attitudes to history and global responsibilities.We initially plan to establish gardens in each partner school, share information about inspirational national heroes, engage in collaborative campaigns to promote resource protection, efficiency and personal safety.