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As part of our Comenius project 2010-2012, entitled Footsteps for Peace, the children in our schools have been learning about a well-known person from their country who promoted peace. We have collected this work into one publication so that others may learn from the stories of these people.

Each person in this book worked for peace in a different way: some worked as part of larger organisations, others on their own; some led the struggle in their own country, others travelled across the world; some were famous to millions, others unknown outside their own community. But what they all have in common is that unshaken belief that human beings can live together harmoniously, without all the fighting and discord that has been the principal theme of human history through the ages.

We hope you enjoy reading about our role models as much as we have enjoyed learning about them. Some of them are no longer alive, but they have left behind them a legacy that will never be forgotten and through their stories they have continued to inspire others to strive for a permanent and everlasting peace.

“Peace begins with a smile.” (Mother Teresa)



Henry Dunant


Fermin Rodrigo


Francesco d'Assisi


Karol Józef Wojtyła


Norman Kember


Odysseus Elytis