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1) What is exactly Fair Trade? How does it work?

- Fair Trade shows that we can create wealth without damaging the producers. Fai trade assures advantages to both producers and users/consumers. The aim is to cooperate without any speculation. The goods come from developing countries and the producers are organized in small associations.

2) How is the origin of fair trade products guaranteed?
- Fair trade collaborates with the producers and helps them to start their commerce. Financing their business. They also decide the price of the goods in advance. Backers follow the production, help the development and formation of producers and then import goods.

3) How is the fair trade organized? Do you have any direct contacts with other shops or with the countries that produce the goods you sell?
- During the year travels to control the production and the fair trade are organized. Sometimes, Sudanese producers come to Italy and visit fair trade shops where their products are sold.Fair trade also promotes the so called “responsible tourism” that consists in visiting developing countries to learn more about their situation and the production of the products.

4) How does fair trade work on our territory?
- In Italy fair trade works with certified little shops that sell only fair trade products, in our country there are more or less 500 shops, while in Europe, fair trade products are sold everywhere.

5) Are there any initiatives to promote fair trade?
- An event is usually organized in shops every month besides, there are a lot of stands and parties and important events like biological market, a special market, organized twice a month near the sea, that sells only biological products.

6) Is fair trade related to biological products?
- In fair trade shops there are also biological products, but the selling is focused on fair trade goods that are anyway biological.
Some shops cooperate with GAS (groups of fair buying) that buy a big amount of products also from local Italian producers and then share them with fair trade shops in Italy.

7) Are the shops connected? 
- Shops are linked thanks to some corporation, for example Ostia’s fair trade shop is linked to other shops thanks to AltroMercato organization (Alternative Market). There are meetings to form the workers. Besides, the organization Rome Fair Trade organizes and coordinates all the fair trade shops in our territory. Among the shops there is no competition, in fact they cooperate and the territoriality is respected.

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