IN-SERVICE TRAINING: the Pilates Method

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To see Theme 2 workshop (principles) follow this link: workshop 2

To see Theme 3 workshop (exercises) follow this link: workshop 3


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In-service training: Pilates Method
Hello everybody we are almost ready to start our own and colaborative in-service training on pilates method. Rosa Blanco is the teacher who is going to lead this course. Soon she will start to upload a progresive collection of activities and files that will help us to know and lear the basics of Pilates method and how to apply it into our classes.
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Now ...practicing!!!
Here is the original Pilates workshop, which will initiate you on the principles of the method and the movements that will develop later. There is a photographic attachement of the sequence of exercises and other one with the theoretical explanations of the sames. If you have any questions about any exercise do not hesitate to contact me. Now ... practicing
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Upload again some pictures
Hello Rosa , please can you upload again pictures : ROLLING LIKE A BALL and SINGLE LEG STRETCH from exercises in School ? I can't see corectly this pictures. Thanks Elena
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Hello everyone. As you can see we have begun training in the Pilates method on a brief approach to its origins and its history. After reading them we propose you a crossword puzzle that you may prove what you know. Come on, I've already solved, now is your turn! Any doubt that may arise from you now do not hesitate to contact me. Rosa Blanco
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