We should help one another.

‘Taking’ makes you richer

but ‘giving’ makes you happier"


Different ways of helping people 
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We have prepared the mind map which defines the areas where we are going to operate. During this project children are working on the subject in different places. They are looking for different  ways of helping people.



Different ways of helping people


Enjoy watching all the videos that we have been preparing just to show that we are able to help in many ways and in many different situations. After all, we feel much better and we learn a lot at the same time.

Did you know that it's better to give than to receive?

Just click on the links and find out



Here you have the crossword in which we are presenting


very important words. Click on it and try to solve. Think of


the deep meaning of all these words.





And now, it's time for you to have fun solving wordsearches, puzzles and criss-crosses!


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Listen to GOLD RULES
which are prepared by
Polish and Catalan students

               COOPERATION                              GOOD DEEDS           

           VOLUNTEER                             KINDNESS


      FRIENDSHIP              HELP


       CHARITY               SOLIDARITY


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Dear Friends,
It was an amazing task for us to do this common project with you. We have descovered so many ways how we can help people around us. We joined real actions of helping not only at home and school but also in our village and country. We have watched all you videos and we admire that you are very creative students. Did you like our videos and powerpoints?
All trhe best
Students from Gębice

Posted on 05/06/12 09:11.

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Dear friends from Gebice,
It has been a great experience for us filming all the videos because we have found new ways of helping the others. Your videos and power points are fantastic. It has been very interesting to do this project with people who are not from Catalonia. The experience will be useful for our life.All of us are very happy because we learnt many things with our teacher.We think that doing this project has been a very good idea, it's so great! We learnt about helping people and kindness. we learnt so much.
thank you
Best wishes from Navàs

Posted on 05/06/12 10:10.

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