Children from Poland and Catalonia prepared the virtual meeting. They had a chance to communicate, they  introduced themselves and presented wonderful gifts they had made earlier. Pupils from Catalonia showed incredible things made of wood such as a frog-board, a football mirror, an origami ball,etc... Polish students presented drawings, a picture, a ball, an angel made of salt mass, origami figures and gingerbread. Two girls prepared a song as a present. The atmosphere was really nice. Both children and teachers had great fun.

Video conference Catalonia-Poland:



Video conference Poland - Catalonia:




Here we present all the presents the children have prepared to give to their partners from the other country.They chose their best gift, always a personal gift because the clue was it should be a handmade object.There is a great variety of presents, from gingerbread to a football, lots of wooden presents and even a song!

Congratulations for your creativity!.




Both schools prepared a song to send and introduce ourselves, so that our frienship is increasing day by day.

From Navàs to Geviçe: "What's your name" song.




 'GOOD MORNING' - Polish pupils dedicate this song to friends from Catalonia. The text is very simple so you can sing together with us!





Polish and Catalan students have prepared a questionnaire to find out what their parents' opinions about children's present behaviour are and ... here are the results


 Dear friends, here you have our last activity from MAGIC WORDS. You will find our proposals from now on to behave better and be better citizens. This is a mixture of THE MAGIC WORDS created by Gebice and Navàs together.


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Hi friends, your puppets and your song are very nice.
You are very kind.
Keep in touch,
your friends from Catalonia

Posted on 11/03/11 21:39.

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Hello everyone!
How are you? It's so nice to meet you in your song and find out your names. We've listened to it several times and tried to sing and play together.
Take care,
Students from Gębice

Posted on 29/03/11 22:27 in reply to Fina Vendrell Vila.

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Hi friends,
this video is very nice. You have worked a lot, the puppets are very fun and the song is great.
See you soon
your friends from Sant Josep school, Navàs.

Posted on 21/03/11 15:27.

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Dear friends,
A few words about the results of questionnaire:
There are lots of things we can do to behave better. At first we must improve our relations with friends and family so let's try to become nicer and more friendly. When we come back home today, we are also going to tidy up our rooms.
What about you? Are you surprised with the results?

Bye for now

Pupils from Poland

Posted on 19/05/11 18:11 in reply to Fina Vendrell Vila.

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Hello everybody,
we send you this message because may be you could not recieve the one we sent to you a few weeks ago.
It is a little comment about the questionnaire we did to our parents. As you say, we always can learn a lot from others, we can change the world!!!! but first of all WE DO MUST CHANGE step by step: we should be more patitent with our members of the family, and also use better words.
Love from,
Navàs friends

Posted on 30/05/11 19:38 in reply to irena glowinska.

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