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The problems of rude behavior among young people seem to be increasing in every country. Parents and teachers try to stop it by explaining situations, introducing different kinds of bans and penalties. Too little focus is put on showing children models of good behavior. Adults fight with the aggression but not always have enough time and patience to learn their children how they should behave in life. The aim of this project is the promotion of good behavior.


  • Subjects: Informatics / ICT, Foreign Languages, Culture, Music, Art, Drama, Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Ethics, Geography, Language and Literature, Music, Regional Education, Physical Education, Pre-school Subjects, Psychology, Religion
  • Languages: English
  • Pupil's age: 9-12
  • Tools to be used: Video conference, Chat, e-mail, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Web publishing
  • Aims: Children will learn to respect the other people. They will observe many kinds of behaviors and see the difference between good and bad models. They will learn how to behave in a society and they will promote the positive patterns. Students will be creative and show their ideas using many methods and forms. They will share the experiences and knowledge with the partner. IT skills will be developed and English will be used as the main language for the international communication.
  • Work process: The plan of work will be accepted by both partners and it will be cohesive with the curriculum of each school. Children will share the materials and publish their work on the Internet. They will communicate and work together on different tasks. Planned activities will contain: 1. ‘Magic words’ – each partner will arrange some situations of everyday life in which ‘kind words’ will be used. 2. ‘Among friends’ – each partner will show the way how to behave to be a good friend. 3. ‘In the class’ – each partner will work on the problems of rude behavior at school and try to find the solutions to them. 4.  ‘Acts of kindness’ – each partner will discover different ways of helping people. 5. ‘Beyond the borders’ – each partner will analyze problems of negative behaviors on the global plain and think about possible solutions . 6. ‘Gold rules of good behavior’ – finally both partners will write a kind of e-guide containing all the rules which will be discovered during the project.
  • Expected results: Students will find  the border between good and bad behavior. They will use their project experiences to learn how to behave in a  society and respect the others. They will  show that it is easier to live when everyone is friendly, kind and helpful.  The promotion of positive behavior models among young people from different countries will be certainly the  step towards improving the relations between  them in the future.



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