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Geogebra tasks.
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As we saw at school , is not so easy to make such an drawing . As Valentina said would be quite nice to do our howeworks in this way. Maybe after another one hundred years homework will be solved like this .

Posted on 22/03/11 18:56.

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For me GeoGebra is a very good program because we can with it to learn very easy math.

Posted on 23/03/11 15:21.

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The same as Bogdan, I would like to tell you that I love this program, GeoGebra. I think that GeoGebra is a very useful program, because it helps us to learn very easy math , and because it shows us the funny part of math.

Posted on 26/03/11 11:54.

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The incenter is I,the internal angle bisectors are FBI EAI and DCI,the points where the circle touchs the triangle are: E,D,F and the radius is ID

Posted on 31/03/11 11:57.

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Perfect answer , Pedro!

Posted on 01/04/11 18:01 in reply to Pedro Moreno.

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Good job Pedro, go for the next task.

Posted on 02/04/11 18:37 in reply to Pedro Moreno.

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The game is Very fun!

Posted on 07/04/11 11:54.

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