Our videos

Our videos

This section contains the videos made by our students, who have planned and shot them, working also on direction and editing.
They are all videos about Maths made by the two teams in collaboration.

The first video, made by the Matera team, is about an event in the life of the mathematician Friederich Gauss.

When he was at Primary School he found out, to his teacher’s astonishment, a short and elegant way to sum the first hundred natural numbers. The video is in the section Alice’s numbers of the magazine.


We teachers think it has been important for students to dramatize episodes of History of Maths. In this way they  have become aware that Maths is an exciting, ever-changing subject, imagined, created and written by real men and women, not just part of a dark and inaccessible past.

A difficult subject, perhaps, but absolutely fascinating!
This video has been completed by two follow-up videos, Sum of the first whole numbers and A Helping hand from Gauss, shot respectively by the Italian and the Romanian teams, where the students have shown some applications of the Gauss formula.




 The Bucharest students have also produced a video on the Moebius strip in order to explore this mysterious Maths object.


On the occasion of the Pi Day (14th March) the students of both teams have produced a collaborative video, editing the photos taken in the two schools to celebrate this day, which is a worldwide Maths feast!


At last, in the section History of Maths of the magazine, a unit on Pythagoras has been developed.

A video has been shot on the beach of Metapontum, a city where the Greek mathematician spent the last years of his life and died. The Italian students have acted as his disciples in the period of the crisis of the Pythagorean school.


 They have also made another video about the control experiment of the Pythagorean theorem, located in the wonderful temple of Hera in Metapontum.


Filming these two videos has been a wonderful team experience, as the backstage we have published in our magazine well testifies.

Finally the Bucharest students have shot a follow-up video on Pythagoras’ arithmogeometry!


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