• Dimotiko Scholio Palekastrou

Primary school of Palekastro

It’s a Public Primary School depending from the National Ministry of Education with pupils from 6 to12 years old general education according with the national curriculum is provided. The School is located in the north-eastern Crete, an agriculture and tourist area.

The school has a fully equipped computer room with wide band connection providing also training for other teachers coming from other local schools.
The computer room is also used for training course for long life learning training citizens and local entrepreneurs. The staff participates every year in different training courses at national level in Athens and it has been involved in Comenius projects.

9 teachers work full time, 2 teachers are directly involved in ICT for learning.
There are 86 pupils.

We have participated in different Comenius projects.

We started in 2003 and this is our fourth Comenius project. We also participate in a regio comenius project. Our school belongs to ecological group of schools in Greece and we are trying to bring pupils very near to renewable sources of energy, to protect the environment, to find out ways of saving the energy, to change their ways of behaviour about energy, environment life.