• Dunant-Grundschule

Pupils of the Dunant-Grundschule introduce their school


In our classroom we learn. You must always have your pencil case on
your table.


When we have arrived at school, we hang up our coats or jackets and
put our shoes into the pigeonholes. The hall must always be tidy.


In our school playground we play catch, hide and seek or football. The
girls get skipping ropes.


Ms Kelker and Mrs Hammerschmidt are in the office. If you have hurt
yourself you go to see Ms Kelker.


For me dancing is important. In our multi-purpose room or assembly hall
we have many different events, sometimes even concerts.


In our computer room there are 15 computers.


In “Lebenskunde” (humanistic ethics) we play games.


The gym is great because we can play football, laugh and play lots of things.


We play in the “Sonneninsel”. We also go out to the school playground.
Afterwards we have  the next lesson.


English lessons at class 4a



My name is Julia Schmidt. During our English lessons we very often play
games and we’re singing. I don’t have fun every time. We learn to read
and to write English words. We also paint and look films.



My name is Malin Tiemann. Our English teacher’s name is Mrs Büttner.
We learn English since class 3. At first we say hello in English, then we
sometimes exercise in our Pupil’s or in our Activity Book. Our English
teacher wants to be called Mrs Green. Sometimes we’re supposed to ask
our partners how things in our pencil case are named.



My name is Marita. I am in class 4a. We have English since class 3. We
very often  play games, but we also write and sing. Our English teacher’s
name is Mrs Büttner. She is very nice, but sometimes she grumbles about
us. I like the English lessons and I’ve a lot of fun.



My name is Maya. I am in class 4a. My class and me have English lessons
since class 3. We say hello to our teacher, Mrs Büttner and we play word
games in English. Some time during the lesson we sing a song. At the end
we mostly work in our books. I have fun.



My name is Celina-Maria Jarchow. I learn English since class 3. Our
English teachers’s name is Mrs Büttner. We learn a lot of words and
songs. I am in class 4a.



My name is Felix. At the beginning of our English lessons we play little
games and write English words. Afterwards we always sing. We also learn
English words by heart. I like the English lessons.