What's cooking?

Task 8

Obligatory task for German students - optional for other nations

(Other nations would have to exchange 'German' with their nationality, of course!)

You will get a recipe taken from a book about German cuisine

What you are supposed to do:

  1. Do some research on the dish that is described in your recipe, e. g.:
    1. Is this dish typical of any specific region in Germany, e. g. typical of any federal state/typical of northern/southern federal states etc.? (Many times the region is, of course, given in the name of the dish already…)
    2. Collect information on the region that the dish is typical of (with photos
    3. Collect photos of the dish itself
    4. Can you find alternative recipes with different ingredients from yours?
  2. Translate your recipe into good English (use www.leo.org for help)
  3. Present your work in the Pupils’ Corner in the Twinspace (Recipe Section of the forum)

Task 7

Optional task - Celebrate the 5th birthday of eTwinning, 5 May 2010!


Only Italy has worked on this task. The students of Ipsia Aletti, Trebisacce, decided to celebrate eTwinning's 5th birthday by creating an ice-cream.

Teresa says:

"This is the ice-cream the students of Ipsia Aletti made to celebrate etwinning 5th birthday!!!

See what they did !!!! We used for the yellow colour bananas and for the blue , blueberries! It was delicious!!!!!! "




Task 6

Cooking Carrousel

  • Each school/nation sends a non-perishable (i. e. sendable) ingredient (something typical of country/region) to one other school (can also be a very 'minor' ingredient) as shown in the picture - like in a carrousel
  • students of each nation (could be any class in school, if project classes don't have time/are not able to) have to discuss, create, plan and cook/prepare a unique new dish with this 'foreign' ingredient (or more than one, if wanted); if they need info on ingredient, they have to contact the nation that sent it
  • Planning/cooking process is photographed and posted on Twinspace with "new" recipe(s)
  • Only after that the country who sent the ingredient(s) posts a description of what is typically made with it in their region.
  • deadline for sending things around: end of Feb
  • deadline for cooking results: end of May

Task 5

Prepare a presentation of a celebrity chef from your country.


Task 4

Choose one of the topics below and prepare a presentation (e. g. in PowerPoint, a video with subtitles or spoken comments, an audio file or else). Your teacher will tell you how many weeks you will be able to work on this task and whether you are supposed to work alone, in pairs, or in small groups.

  • What's life as a chef trainee like in your country  (Where do you work? Daily routine? How is the training organised? School/Practice?)
  • What's hot and what's not? (the best and the worst about the job/training in your opinion/from your experience)
  • Your professional plans and/or dreams for the future


The presentations will be uploaded in the Countries' pages.

Task 3

For the teachers

Make sure your students complete tasks 1, 2 and 3.

For the students

Comment on the profiles of two other students – they cannot be from your own country! You should add comments to those profiles that have received fewest comments. Be nice!


Task 2

  • Upload a photo in your profile. If you don't want to post your own picture, you can choose something that represents you, eg if you are a fan of cycling, it can be a photo of a bike. It would be nice if you wrote something about it in your introductory post.
  • Post another photo in the image gallery in Pupils Corner. It could be a photo of you at work or at school. Again, if you don't want a picture of yourself, take a photo without you in it. Note: you have to take the photo (copyright).


Task 1

For the Teachers

Register your students as TwinSpace members. To do this, go to the "Home" tab and click "Invite pupils" under Twinspace members on the right hand side of the screen. Enter your students' names (use the "plus" sign to add more students) and click "submit". This will generate a list of your students' logins and passwords. Save a screenshot in case you don't receive a confirmation email, which happens. 

Tell the students to register and to write a couple of sentences about themselves in the Pupils Corner.

For the Students

In the Pupils Corner, introduce yourself to other students by adding a new Thread to the "Users Profiles" in the Message Boards.

A Note to the Teachers:

Teachers please introduce yourselves in the "general discussion board" - please do not publish in the Pupils Corner.

Also, please do contribute to the "All the Countries in the Project" section. To do this, go to the "welcome" box (top right of the screen) and choose "Add Application". Choose "Content Management" in the pop-up window on the left, and choose "Web Content Display". Click "Add". A new blue box will open in the main page for you to edit. Click "Edit" any time you want to add changes.

In case of doubt, please feel free to ask for help - you may ask a computer-skilled person you know, use the forum or write an email to the other teacher members - Steffi and Dominika will be happy to help. Remember, we are all here to learn, and most of the things here is new to everybody.