Green Areas in Our Cities

Are Our Cities Environmentally Sustainable?

Gardens, parks and forests play an important role in the environment and biodiversity of our cities. We are all aware of the importance of having a good number of green areas in our cities. But, have you ever stopped to estimate the surface of green areas present in your city? That is exactly what we propose you to do now. Moreover, that surface should be in relation to the number of inhabitants of your city. A simple calculation will give you the ratio between the green surface and the population census of your city. If that number is an amount comprised between ten and fifteen square meters per inhabitant… congratulations! Your city accomplishes with the WHO recommendations.


We have shown our calculations in a power point presentation that is ready for you to download from the File Archive. You will find there the answer for our city, Jaca.


We will be waiting for your answers. We are looking forward to know if your towns are environmentally sustainable.


Good luck!

The Spanish team

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