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buildingsmadrid 5c.pdf
EXPLORING THE CITY.Madrid, unique buildings and skycrapers. 5th Form C. CIUDAD DE ZARAGOZA SCHOOL Teacher.Joaquina González Comenius 2010-12
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CIUDAD DE ZARAGOZA SCHOOL-Madrid.pdf 2,231.2k 41 No View View
Class 5C. Ciudad de Zaragoza school.pdf
Anagrams from the names of pupils
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HOW WE GO TO SCHOOL 5C.pdf 1,205.5k 150 No View View
JC Park 5C 2.pdf
JUAN CARLOS I Park GLORIA FUERTES Library 5th Form C.Ciudad de Zaragoza School-Madrid Teacher:Joaquina González (english teacher)
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From students 5th Form Ciudad de Zaragoza School teacher;Joaquina González
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More letters- From students 5th Form CIUDAD DE ZARAGOZA SCHOOL. Teacher;Joaquina González
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Letters from students in the 5th a Form English. Teacher:Joaquina González
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NEIGHBOURHOOD Gloria fuertes Library and JuanCarlos I Park 6th Form A and B Teacher:Joaquina González CIUDAD DE ZARAGOZA SCHOOL. Madrid
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MY CITY: monuments,squares, MADRID CIUDAD DE ZARAGOZA SCHOOL Class :5th Form C teacher:Joaquina González
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monumentos 6ºA(Madrid).pdf
Madrid Monuments. pupils made the drawings and wrote the texts English:Joaquina González
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Students from the 6th A Form They paint the monuments with the Art teacher They wrote about the monuments in the English class. Joaquina González.
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My City 6A1.pdf
GETTING TO KNOW MY CITY,SHOWING MY CITY 6th Form A. .Ciudad de Zaragoza School-MADRID Teacher: Joaquina González (English teacher).
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My City 6A2.pdf
GETTING TO KNOW MY CITY,SHOWING MY CITY. 6th FormA. Ciudad de Zaragoza School-MADRID Teacher :Joaquina González (English teacher)
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OUR NAMES Class 5c.pdf
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Activity in our class
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URBAN PARKS. Juan Carlos I park.pdf
Essays from pupilñs.
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Showing 17 results.