1. Teddy Bear's Name


There are so many places here where we can put aour favourite names that it's confusing a bit.
Antonio, maybe we should make an online poll? There are free websites where it's possible ;)

Our favourie is Huggie ;)

My studens started to give some names in Polish, but even my tongue have difficulties with saying some of them ;)

Teddy Bear Name

Hi Everyone

Our favourite name is Huggie!!

Best of luck with the project everyone&Happy Christmas


This is how to say hello in our native language Irish ( although our main language here is English!)


Dia Dhuit



This is how to say goodbye





5th Class Ireland!!

Favorite name


Hello, Friends

Our favorite name for Teddy Bear is COLOMBUS

See you soon


I've received the following names:


Columbus, Hugo, Hug, LinkUs, Bond, Happy2CU, Huggie


Please present them to your children and vote.

Name for the Bear

We like Columbus like the famous explorer!



The   name : sorry for my bad english !

Hugo !

It's de name of a pupil of my shool !

It's a nice name !


I Think that it will be nice if we named l the teddy bear  '' HUG''

Add your name ideas ;)

Add entries to this blog with your and your students ideas ;)

Teddy Bear''s Name Ideas from Antonio


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