Goal schools

 Gimnazjum w Krempachach                                                                                                                                                                           

The Public Gimnazjum nr 1 under the name of John Paul II in Krempachy was founded in 1999. Krempachy is a small village with the population of about 1300 people, in the Małopolska Voievodship, near the Slovakian border. Gimnazjum in Krempachy is surrounded by two historical-geographical countries: Spisz and Podhale. Gimnazjum in Krempachy is attended by 250 students from seven villages. Some of students belong to Slovakian minority. Slovakian is the third foreign language taught at the school, besides English and German. There are also few students who belong to the Rom community. Gimnazjum in Krempachy is well equipped with ICT: there are over 40 computers for students, 13 for the staff, the IT classroom and two interactive whiteboards. We also have a digital on-line school register and the access to the Internet in the whole school.

     GOAL! TEAM:   

Urszula Utnicka

Mathematics teacher


Małgorzata Zamarlik

English teacher

Collaborators: 1 English teacher, 1 Biology teacher, 1 Technology teacher

Students: 4 classes, 83 pupils

  Collège les Eyquems, Merignac

The school is attended by 550 students. Although Merignac is a suburb of Bordeaux, it is quite a big city (the third of Region Aquitaine in terms of population), so all students live quite near the school. Although the school has 10 Interactive boards, one ICT room, 15 i-Pods and 7 computers in the school library, it is still under-equipped in ICT tools compared to the neighbouring schools.
From time to time, our school receives pupils who went through difficult situations in life and others with special needs (the Rom community): it is obvious that they need special care and are consequently given extra class hours by a special teacher,  in order to read, speak and write fluent French.

     GOAL! TEAM: 

Coordinator: Siegfried Maillard - Mathematics teacher

Collaborators: 1 Geography teacher, 1 Mathematics teacher, parents, school doctor

Students: 6 classes, 162 pupils

 Osnovna škola Brodarica                                                                           

The Primary school Brodarica is situated in Brodarica, which may be consider a suburb of Šibenik. The population of Brodarica, which is mostly young, is growing and at present around 3 000 people live there. Brodarica is tourism oriented place and population is mostly involved in tourism.
Therefore the number of students of our school aged from 6 to 14. The school was opened 11 years ago and  today there are 242 students in 13 classes and 30 teachers work in it. We teach English language from the first grade (age 7). It is an obligatory subject and all students have opportunity to choose another foreign language in grade 4 (age 9) – Italian or German.We have been developing e-learning materials and using different e-learning activities in everyday learning and teaching for almost six years. Although e-learning is used to support the traditional way of teaching, we are trying to find (new) different approaches and new ways of teaching and learning.



Coordinator: Ivana Križanac - teacher

Collaborators: 2 Mathematics & Physics teachers, 1 English teacher

Students: 3 classes, 54 pupils (17-third grade, 20-sixth grade, 17-seventh grade)


 IES Ramón Cabanillas, Cambados                                                               

Secondary High School from Galicia-Spain. The High School is situated in the town of Cambados, in the North-West of Spain, in the region and province of Galicia.
Cambados is a small coast town whose wine, fishing and tourist industry are the most important activities. Our students are from twelve to eighteen years old. There are 450 students and 45 teachers at Ramón Cabanillas High School. We also have a “Formation Cycle” related to wines (a professional grade level 1).


Coordinator: Jose Benito Bua Ares - Mathematics teacher

Collaborators: 1 Technology teacher, 1 French teacher, 1 parent

CEAPAT (Centro de Referencia Estatal de Autonomía Personal y Ayudas Técnicas)

Students: 4 classes, 50 students

 Osnovna šola Simona Kosa, Podbrdo                                                      

Podbrdo is a settlement in the Municipality of Tolmin in the Littoral region of Slovenia. It lies in narrow valley of the Bača River, next to the Bohinj Railway line at the end of the longest railway tunnel in Slovenia. Podbrdo is surrounded by many attractive mountains up to 1844 m high. The sunny side of Črna Prst has attracted botanists for more than 200 years because of endemic species.
Our school is a small Alpine school, just over 80 pupils, but it is also a cultural centre of the ravine. Internet connections enable us not to be out-of-the-way. There is 60 km from Podbrdo to a capital Ljubljana and 100 km to the Adriatic sea.


Coordinator: Ambrož Demšar - Physics & Mathematics teacher

Collaborators: 1 Biology teacher

Students: 3 classes, 31 students

 Havukoski School, Vantaa                                                                             

The school was founded in 1987.  It is situated in Vantaa, only a few kilometres away from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Havukoski School offers basic education in grades 6-9 (aged 12 to 16). In addition to this we have a preparatory class for students who have recently moved to Finland and have no skills in Finnish. There are 416 students with 15 different mother tongues and 12 nationalities in our multicultural school. 5-20 % of our pupils are special need pupils (emotional problems, learning problems, behavior problems). They all are integrated in a normal lessons.
Our school participates in European co-operation with other schools. At the same time we learn the practical use of Information Technology. We have 21 interactive whiteboards and over 40 computers for students and about 15 for staff.



Coordinator: Tuija Lindström - Biology & Geography teacher

Collaborators: 3 Mathematics teachers, 1 Biology & Geography teacher

Students: 2 classes, 40 pupils