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I would like to know a little more of your High school and your town.

So in this activity your Character has to present how your High School is.

In your school Character has to show the different parts: classrooms, labs, teachers' team, etc.

About your town, your Character can show Monuments, wonderful places where you feel proud to belong of your city.

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My School

Yalova: our school

Our School (Çiftlikköy Atatürk Anadolu)


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Bari: our school

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Oettingen: our school





The “Albrecht Ernst Gymnasium” is a 450-year-old Bavarian grammar school which has about 850 students from 5th to 12th grade. At present, over 60 teachers work here. All students are taught three languages: They start with Latin (5th grade), then learn English (6th grade) and finally choose between French or Classic Greek (8th grade). Our headmistress Mrs. Langer is a very future-oriented woman who has modernized our school campus in many respects: There are extra buildings for all science related courses, music and P.E. and a building where students spend their free time between the lessons or in the afternoon in a sensible way. Our school has a dozen iPads on hand to introduce students to the latest technology, which can be useful for their future jobs. There is an extra department for the 5th & 6th graders where teaching focuses on self-directed autonomy and teamwork. Because of our principal’s efforts the amount of students at the A-E-G has almost doubled over the past ten years. There is also a highlight at our school for all 11th & 12th graders: We have our own big “chill-out room”, where we can stay during free periods to learn, relax, discuss with the others and listen to music! After our graduation we will have reached the highest possible level of school education in Germany and be able to go to University.

We have a team of voluntary students, called the “SMV”, which stands for “Schüler mit Verantwortung” (students with responsibility for the others). The representatives are elected each year but whoever wants to join the committee is always welcome! The SMV is very committed to the welfare of all students at our school. They talk to teachers in case of misunderstandings, collect money and gifts for children in need and organize a lot of different activities like the “Valentines project”, which allows all students to anonymously send roses, cards or sweets to their friends or secret lovers. Another project is “Rock den Albrecht”, a concert performed by different bands related to our school.



Our school is the Albrecht-Ernst-Gymnasium, a grammar school in the Ries, in Bavaria (Germany). It consists of six buildings: the so-called “old building”, the so-called “new building”, the science building, the music building, the so-called “building for the whole day” and the gym. We also have two schoolyards. Mrs Langer is our principal. Pupils from 5th to 12th grade go to our school. There are about 850 pupils at our school – about 25 pupils per class and 4 to 5 classes per year. The pupils are from Oettingen, but also from the villages and towns nearby. Some people go to school by bike, some walk, but most pupils go by bus.

What makes our school special is that we have special music classes, the so-called “string player classes”, where you can learn a string instrument (e.g. violin, viola, cello, contrabass). In 5th grade, we start to learn Latin and in 6th grade, we start to learn English. After 7th grade we can choose our third language, which is either French or Classic Greek.

The school day begins at 07.55 AM and ends at 12.50 PM, at 03.05 PM or at 04.45 PM – depending on the grade you are in. The following subjects are taught at our school: German, Latin, English, French, Classic Greek, math, physics, chemistry, arts, physical education, economics and law, geography, religious education, ethics, social studies, informatics, history. One lesson takes forty-five minutes, but we often have double periods. After the second lesson, we have a twenty-minute break and after the fourth lesson we have a five-minute break. Lunch break is at 12.50 PM. Then we can go to the kiosk, where we get warm or cold meals. After twelve years we can pass the A-levels. 



“I get up at 06.30 AM and have breakfast with my family. Then I get dressed and I leave the house at 07.10 AM. At the bus stop, I meet my friends from the village and we go by bus to school. There I met all my other friends and at 07.55 AM the first lesson starts. Usually, my school day ends at 12.50 PM, but on Thursdays, I finish at 04.45 PM. My favourite subjects are arts, physical education, music and chemistry. My other subjects are German, Latin, economics and law, English, math, history, biology, physics, religious education and French.”


“My day starts at 06.30 AM, when my mother comes into my room to wake me up. Then I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth; I have hurry up for breakfast in order to catch my bus. After the bus ride to school, I have some time to speak with my classmates. At eight o’clock, we have to concentrate and listen to the teacher. We mostly have double lessons. So we have three different subjects a day and at one o’clock, school is over. But sometimes we have lessons in the afternoon, too. That’s very tiresome L. My bus takes me home at 01.15 PM. This means that I have lunch at 01.30 PM. After that, I have to do my homework, which takes a long time because there is always a lot to revise (e.g. vocab). But when I have finished my homework, I have got enough time to meet friends and have fun. I can also communicate with friends from all over the worlds via Facebook. Now you know my typical day during the week looks like.”


“I get up at 06.00 AM. Then I have breakfast and go to the bathroom. Then I go to the bus stop. After half an hour, I get off the bus and go to school. I meet my friends in the assembly hall. At 07.55 AM I go to my classroom for my first lesson. The second lesson starts at 08.40 AM. At 09.25 AM, there is a 20-minute break. During that time, my friends and I talk and eat something. At 09:45 AM, we go back to our classroom for our third lesson. The fourth lesson starts at 09.30 AM. After a five-minute break from 10.15 AM to 10.20 AM, there are the fifth lesson and the sixth lesson; the latter starts at 12.05 PM. At 12.50 PM, school ends. Then I go home by bus.”



First, all Bavarian children go to elementary school, which is “Grundschule” in German. After four years, you have to change school. In Bavaria, we have three different types of secondary schools. It depends on your marks to which school you can go: There is the “Gymnasium” (grammar school), there is the “Realschule” (secondary modern school) or “Wirschaftsschule” (commercial college) and there is the “Hauptschule” (lower secondary school).


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