Go Green, go Clean, Act Now! Slideshow: GO’s trip to 7 cities including and Αθήνα was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!
The students of all partner schools participated in the project logo competition in October 2010. The Cypriot logo won the competition.
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Danish school: Sculptures made with useless things.
Our Comenius wall at Sennels Skole We have a big wall at our school, where we present our partnercountries, have book boxes for information etc. This is what it looks like:
5.Grade of the Danish partner school was at Ålborg University for a day – having workshops about energy. Architects from the university also told the students about how it is possible to make houses that do not use energy
Groups of Danish students made experiments how to make a sun-oven and how to use it.
4th grade of the Danish school made nice and new chairs out of big cardboard boxes.
Journal PDF The Greek 5th graders made a journal presenting their products for the project.