Making Proposals for and Choosing Our Logo

We have a 'face' for our project!

Dear pupils,

There was a massive involvement of all participating students; 92 pupils engaged in this partnership expressed their preference regarding the submitted logos.

Above, in the web page content, you will find a graphic showing the number of votes for each country and the one that received the higher percentage of pupils' votes - it is the logo submitted by the Portuguese students!

Well done, pupils!!!

Helena and Daniela

Choosing our logo!

Dear colleagues,


Our pupils' next task is to vote for their favourite logo so we "put a face for the project".

To participate they will need to follow the link:

The survey will be online till the 21st January.


Best regards to all,

Helena and Daniela.


The making of the Portuguese logo proposal...

Logo from Greece !!

Romanian Logo Making

Dear friends,

These are the pictures the Romanian students used when they created the logo proposal:

-  2 drawings that were scanned:



- the photo of a football:


- a seal made at


The program they used to make the logo is called Photofiltre.

I hope you agree it is a great logo and vote for it in the contest!!!


Teacher Daniela Arghir.



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The Romanians' proposal:


The Slovaks' proposal:

Here  is the Greeks' logo:


And now... the Portugueses' logo proposal:


The logo from Poland:


The Turkish logo proposal:


The Scottish proposal:


The French logo proposal:

The Spanish logo proposal:

The Italian logo proposal:




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Dear Pupils,

Please, use the following link to participate in the Logos' Survey and choose your FAVOURITE one!

It will be running till the 21st January!

We look forward to it!