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Turkish puzzle no. 1:   preview35 piece    Romanian puzzle no. 1:preview24 piece

    Greek puzzle no. 1:preview48 piecePortuguese puzzle no. 1:preview35 piece


    Polish puzzle no. 1 (about Christmas)

    Slovak puzzle no. 1


    Scottish puzzle no. 1: 

  preview35object 1 Scottish team


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6 December 2010 – 31 January 2011: pupils and/or teams should do the Culture Puzzles and try to find out and guess the culture objects that are typical from each country/region. The guesses should be placed in each country’s thread. Let's find out what differences and similarities there are among the countries involved in the project! And... have fun :-)
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-1 - 25 December 2010: each teacher should introduce 3 facts about themselves (personal and/or professional life) - 2 that are true and 1 that is a lie; all teachers try to guess each other's lie by asking clarifying questions and expecting truthful answers, but not too straightforward so as to allow revealing the lie; all teachers try to seduce the others that all three facts are true by providing true details; -26 December 2010 - 9 January 2011: each teacher reveals their truths and lie, and reinforces their discourse by underlining tricky statements, providing links, putting in embeds.
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My favourite animal:)

My favourite animal is the hamster. I like it !!!


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The Project's Schools Contexts


With this activity we aim to understand the schools contexts involved in this project. By doing so, we hope to see how much the schools systems are linked to the social, cultural and physical environments. For the purpose, we would kindly ask you to fill in the survey at the following link: till the 4th March. Then, we will present the results in order to have an overview of the schools contexts.
We are looking forward to receiving your surveys!
Kind regards.


Helena and Daniela