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In the following table, there are some notions and their definitions. In the first column are the English translations of the notions, in the second column are the definitions, also in English, and in the third column we provide you the notions in Romanian. We kindly ask you to complete one of the last three columns, with the corresponding notions in your own language. This way, all of us can find out how the mathematical terminology in the others’ languages sounds like.

Mathematical Dictionary <-- LINK HERE

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Thank you for the idea of bringing up a Mathematical Dictionary in five languages! It was a really good idea.

The Spanish team.

Posted on 12/03/10 21:18.

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Nice idea the one you had about writing a mathematical dictionary in five languages. I think the Spanish students have enjoyed completing the terms int our language, although there were some words that they have not studied yet, but they will learn about them next year.

Spanish students are not used to reading mathematics in English, so the games turned out to be a bit difficult for them, but, anyway, the got used to listening to those terms and that is always good.

Thank you for the activity, Romanian team!

The Spanish team.

Posted on 13/07/10 18:23.

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