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Tasks 4 and 5 - Important note to German students

Dear students,

Please remember that the fulfilment of all tasks given on the 'What's cooking' page is vital and that your achievements in task 4 will be assessed like a ‚classtest’ which will contribute to your final grade on your report card.

You do not have to do task 5 unless you would like to get additional points.

Here are the criteria that will be taken into account for the grade that you will obtain for task 4:

Your presentation/contribution should…

  • be there in time (deadline beginning of Easter break, i. e. 29 March)
  • be as linguistically correct as possible (see e. g.
  • be ‘tidy’ (not too many fonts, colours etc.)
  • be comprehensive (i. e. not too short, 5 pages in a PowerPointPresentation minimum)
  • be precise and interesting

Extra points can be gained if your work is…

  • very original and creative (e. g. a movie etc.)
  • shows special efforts and included a lot of work (i. e. taking photos of your workplace, interviewing colleagues etc.)

    Please make sure that I can find your full name either in the file name or the ppt itself!

    For details on the assessment criteria and the points that can be gained, please have a look at this document.

    Thank you for your attention and have fun!

    Steffi Feldhaus
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