Czech Republic


The place and dish


 The place


To find the place where to prepare our dish wasn't easy as our school restaurant is being rebuilt. We wanted to use the confectioner facilities which are at school on the ground floor, but the time available was not really convenient. In the end, we were offered to use the cooking centre where our hotel students do their job training once a week. The owner of this place is a chef called Bill.

The dish

When we got the ingredients, we started discussing what dish to prepare. Some people suggested pea purée, others soup cream. Some came up with a recipe for salad using soaked or sprouted peas. On the cooking day we still were not quite sure what we were going to prepare. Our technology teacher and Bill said it would be nice to make an old Czech dish called 'šoulet' in Czech. It is a traditional dish but the most interesting thing is we had never eaten it before.

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