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The project is growing. Why don't we present the schools that take part in it? We could e. g. insert the links to the schools' homepages.


Here's the German school, the Albrecht-Duerer-Schule in Duesseldorf.



We have many many Chef's students, and I am going to take part with 3 or even more classes.


Our gastronomy department runs a project scheme for all hospitality students in the second and third years. The classes have to plan, prepare, organise and hold a banquet under different mottoes. For a look behind the scenes, visit


Here is the link to ZSO w Bobowej in Poland: .

We are a cosy little school in the South of Poland, some 100kms  south-east of Krakow and a less-than-an-hour drive from the border with Slovakia. There are about 400 students in our school, and among them, only nine chef students. Apart from non-vocational curriculum, we have vocational classes, where students train to become waiters/waitresses, hotel workers, and generally workers in the gastronomy.


We are strong in sports, and are proud of the school's history. One of the former students of our school is the composer, Zbigniew Preisner - if you know films such as "La Double Vie de Veronique" or "The Secret Garden" for example, he wrote the music.



our school website is The number of pupils is roughly 800 - we have cooks and waiters/waitresses, hairdressers, confectioners, shop assistants, beauticians and hotel industry.




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Here's the web site of LP Edouard Herriot. It is located in Sainte-Savine near Troyes in the north-east of France. We have many students who want to become chefs or waiters /waitresses.









Here's the web -site of our school Vocational school of trade and catering  - Vratsa, Bulgaria                                                                                                                                          


Our school is situated in the eng of the town. There are 4 classes in the first year, 9th grade, 3 of them are connected with cooking; 7 classes in the second, third and fourth years, 10th ,11th, 12th grades.

Greetings from Bulgaria



DACKESKOLAN, Mjölby/Sweden

Dackeskolan is part of Mjölby Gymnasium and is soley a vocational shool, which has a broad spectrum of programs. Dackeskolan offers the following programs starting with us the restaurant program, then we have fine carpentry, gold smith, industry, auto mechanics, construction, electronics, and technical college. The restuarant program is a leading culinary school in Sweden with several national and international awards. We are a little school with around 450 students and 100 of those attend the restaurant program.

The restaurant program has two fields of education, the cooking school and the service sector. All students start school undergoing the same courses the first two ýears. In the last year the students choose between one of these two alternatives. Besides studying the restaurant courses the students have also study what we call kärnämne, like Swedish, Math, History, Religion and other related courses.


You are welcome to get a taste of our school and program through our blog:



 2009 our school had the

honor to win the National

Cooking competion.


Ipsia "Ezio Aletti"  is a vocational school in South Italy that offers our students three different courses: hotel and restaurant which was opened seven years ago , the chemistry-biology course and the electronic-electrotechnics course.
The school is structured as follows: "biennio "(two years common to all the lines of study as far as the general subjects : Maths, Italian, Science, Physical Education, History, English) and professional subjects specific to each line.The third year called "monoennio" is the year where the students can choose between : cooking, service , reception, chemistry, electronics/electrotechnics. At the end of this year they take an exam to get the certificate of operator in one of the mentioned line of study enabling them to get into the market world. The "post qualifica" (two more years of specialization) allows students ,at the end of the two years, to take a State Exam and get the degree of Technician in Restaurant Services or Chemistry-Biology or Electronic-Electrotechnics.




The building is near the train station and a few metres away from the beach .It is a three-storey building and in the 40s and 50s it hosted people who used to spend their Summer vacation in this town. In the 70s it was restored inside to host the school.