Proyecto Maths is BEAU

Welcome to our site in TwinSpace. If you are interested in Maths or would like to give a second chance to it, you will enjoy this website.

What can you find here? Let's take a peek at all the contents:

  • Welcome: you are here
  • Our project: short explanation about us and our planning.
  • Attitudes to Maths: the purpouse of our first activity is gather information about the attitudes of our students to Maths and their lives. You will find two questionnaires, the results and photos of our first international meeting in Viadana, Italy.
  • A world without Maths: our second activity and international meeting in Ceuta, Spain. Maths is everywhere, but most of the time it's hidden. Let's try to uncover it.
  • Tour Guide: third international meeting in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Have you ever noticed that there is math in buildings and monuments?
  • Guess the price: fourth meeting in Charleville Mezière, France. The students are going to investigate and compare prices in the countries.
  • Online games: fifth meeting in Kópagovur, Iceland. Winter won't prevent us to have a good time playing games and discovering the math behind them.
  • Summary: our last meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. We will collect all the outcomes of the project.
  • Contests and games: our students take part in some competitions during the project.
  • Our meetings: we really have a good time when we get together as you will see in these photo galleries and videos.
  • The project in the news: yes... we are in the media.
  • Related sites: we manage other websites related with this project and, of course, you can follow us in Facebook and Twitter!!
  • eTwinning - Budapest: our colleague Hlynur attend the eTwinning Conference in Budapest and showed what we are doing in our project.
  • Evaluation: we have asked our students sometimes about their attitude to math and what they have learned.

Yeahh!! That sounds quite interesting. Why don't you browse for a while these pages? You will find that Maths is more than add numbers.