Dear Students,

Our project is coming to an end... To understand how well the project went, please use the following link to participate in the Students' eTwinning Project Evaluation!

It will be running till the 31st October!

We look forward to it!



Wordle: Celebrating eTwinning Football Across Europe

Evaluation - self-reflection grid

Please answer either YES or NO (capital letters please, thank you!).

I. In relation to the project plan:

1 The project and the school:

Did the school embrace the project?... at

Did it fit with its programme of activities?... at

Were colleagues involved?... at

2 Motivations:

3 The aims:

4 The scheduling:

Was the scheduling realistic?... at


Could you keep to the scheduling?... at


5 The programme of activities: 

II. Talking of team management skills... 

III. Evaluation:


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About the team of teachers in the school in Romania:


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