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Ierapetra (Crete, Greece)


A man and his dog are visiting the circus that arrived in Ierapetra and the dog attempts to enter Euri's cage, so PEK flies on him on a parachute. Then, the man and the dog go to a "kazani", the procedure of distilling the cretan "raki". It usually ends up to a feast with men singing and dancing and having fun. In the dog's fur, cretan fleas have their own "kazani" , Pek is warmly welcomed to join the feast but at some point the fire is burning the dog's fur and the man is spreading on the dog the water from a bowl with a goldfish. Pek is asking if it's raining and the cretan flea says that the fish will be their dinner then! As you probably imagine, Pek returns to Euri dizzy from raki and he fells into a deep sleep. When he wakes up he will be in Portugal.


In our story we describe customs and attitudes of the Cretan people, that we will present in details in the forum below, that's why: Stay tuned!  




  • Manager: Maria Sourgiadaki
  • Collaborating teacher of English language: Despoina Papadopoulou
  • Scriptwriters: Adriana RoubakiStella Stavrakaki
  • Strip cartoonist: Mario Sulka



  • EN: Adriana Roubaki, Stella Stavrakaki
  • GL: David Carbajales Maneiro
  • IT:   Rubina Zgaljardic
  • PL: Maciej Grochowski
  • FR: Jessica Joreaux
  • CS: Kristýna Chovančíková, Lucie Resutíková
  • RO: Mihaela Petcuta
  • PT: Luís Silva
  • ES: Cristina Alesón
  • TR: Gökhan Yetiş
  • HU: Baka Eszter
  • BG: Snezhina Vitkova


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