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Gorizia (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)


Pek arrives in Gorizia and here he meets his old friend Pidgy, a pigeon. Together they visit the old castle and Pek learns about its legend.

Pek learns also that a lot of students are commuters and everyday reach their schools by bus from the neighbourhood.




  • Manager: Alessandra Pallavicini
  • Scriptwriters: Denise Parisi, Letizia Lo Re
  • Strip cartoonist: Samantha Piro



  • EN: Rubina Zgaljardic, Matteo Plana, Lidia Pupovac
  • GL: David Carbajales Maneiro
  • FR: Merveille Louafa Pombo
  • EL: Lefteris Tsompanakis
  • ES: Javier Arza
  • TR: Gökhan Yetiş
  • CS: Kristýna Chovančíková, Lucie Resutíková
  • HU: Morelli Mirtill
  • BG: Ivet Babulkova
  • RO: Mihaela Petcuta
  • PT: Cheila Maniquito
  • PL: Maciej Grochowski


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