Instructions and tips


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First of all


Each school will create a team formed by:

  • One teacher: manager and supervisor of the activity.
  • One or two scriptwriters.
  • One strip cartoonist.
  • One or more translators.


Each school will be provided with its own activity page in Twinspace.

This is the order of towns in Pek's trip: Santiago de Compostela, Nájera, Trappes, Lublin, Hodonín, Carcare, Gorizia, Pécs, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Varna, Târgu Jiu, Samsun, Ankara, Ierapetra, Cacém and finally, he goes to Ticuantepe. Pek is making a wonderful round trip of Europe and ends up in Nicaragua, expanding eTwinning in Central America too.

In your city's comic page, you can refer where he comes from and where he goes to, but it isn't compulsory.

Remember that Pek is travelling on a Circus lion, Euri:

Each time the circus arrives at a city (your city), Pek jumps away from Euri, the lion, and something funny happens to him, while visiting a place (that you want to talk about) or meeting students from a school (probably your school). Share with us cultural elements of your country through Pek ’s visit. It’s an enjoyable way to get your students involved in choosing what to talk about and how to show it to the rest of the teams.


Three important tips

  • Avoid close-up drawings of Pek. It's more important to describe the situation, the place, etc, than Pek's face.

  • Don't draw anything important near the frames' borders, because it will be probably cut.

  • Text will be put into balloons, so don't write too long sentences, and draw balloons suitable for the text to fit into them.



These are the steps to be followed in your school to do the main activity:


1. Create the script. Pek arrives in the city/town where the school is located. He gets involved in a funny situation.


2. Taking the script as a guideline, draw a storyboard (a draft with pencil). First frame: a map of your country and a brief introduction. You can explain where Pek comes from, etc.


3. Download and print the template. It consists on an A4 page with four dashed strips and margins.


Important: Check if it was well printed


Left and right margins: 2cm.

Top margin: 3.1cm.

Bottom margin: 2.5cm.


Strip height: 5.5cm

Space between strips: 0.6 cm.


4. Draw the comic on the template according to the storyboard. First with a pencil, and then with black ink. Don’t write any text.


5. Draw thin borders. The space between two lines must be 6 millimeters. Don’t worry about the remaining dashed lines.










6. You can use pens with different widths.





7. It’s very important to draw close up figures in order to make it easier for the students in charge of the coloring part of the process.










8. Delete the pencil remaining.


9. Scan the comic page. (Remember: black ink, no pencil, no text)

·     Mode: color photo.

·     Resolution: 300 dpi.

·     Full page, with margins.

Save it as a bitmap format.

Filename: City_Country_BW.bmp
Zip it in:


10. Copy the file and change the size to 20%. (How can I do it?)

Filename: City_Country_Instructions.bmp

· There, you can write and paint as many useful instructions to be taken into account by translators, painters, etc.

· Write a number where texts must be placed.

· State where your city is in the very first frame.

· Etc.

Zip it in



11. Write the text in your native language by means of a text editor.

We can try to use OpenOffice Writer in order to teach our pupils an alternative to Microsoft Office.
Filename: City_Country_Language.odt (Use language suffixes)
(Example: Compostela_Spain_GL.odt)


Language suffixes

BG: Bulgarian

CS: Czech

EL: Greek

EN: English

ES: Spanish

FR: French

GL: Galician

HU: Hungarian

IT: Italian

PL: Polish

PT: Portuguese

RO: Rumanian

TR: Turkish



12. Translate that file to English (or other bridge language). You can add notes and explanations for incoming translations to different languages. You may also state the name of the translator.

Filename: City_Country_EN.odt

(Example: Compostela_Spain_EN.odt)


13. Run Twinspace, upload these four files into the File Archive of your city's Activity Page.



Take a breath. Let's go on

One aim of this project is to know European places, so it's useful to upload pictures of your city, related and not related with your Pek's story. It is also nice to see photos of students writing, drawing, working in our project.


14. Open the Image Gallery of your city's Activity Page, and upload photos of your town. They may be useful for the painters and translators. It’s better to use your own photos: if you want to use any image with copyright, permission is needed.


15. Pay attention to the Doubts Forum. Students from the other cities will use it to explain any translation doubts. You can use Comments Forum to write any interesting information (like shown in wiki of “Script Concept”) and links to other websites.


16. Search other cities' Activity Pages. Translate the City_Country_EN.odt file into your language. Write the translator’s name. Upload the file City_Country_Language.odt. If you have any doubt, ask the creators in the Doubts Forum.


17. Later on, there will be related activities such as: a cover contest, a web quest creation activity, a wiki of onomatopeias and interjections, a test of specific software of comic creation, etc. You will receive extended information about this item.


If you face any difficulty while following these instructions, don’t feel disappointed, but contact Marcos or Maria, to clear things out.