Script Concept

Hello partners!

Let me introduce to you Pek! He is a restless flea, seeking for adventures, searching for new places to visit. It’s not just out of curiosity, but he strongly believes that the more he learns about the world and its magnificent diversity of people, the more people will follow his example. Hmmm… and what’s special about him, to follow him? …listen to a little secret. Pek is not just a flea… he is the imaginative part of our mind that wants to travel and meet Europe!


This year, Pek moved to a new “house”. He is living on a….lion! Clever enough as Pek is, he met Euri, the old sleepy lion of a circus and made a deal with him:

“You let me build my house in your fur and I promise, I won’t bite you!”, said Pek.

“It’s not enough!”, the lion replied with the eyes closed. “I want to be rewarded for my patience to have you hanging around on me”.

“Ok, ok!”, said Pek, afraid that he  would lose the chance to travel with Euri in so many places around Europe, as the circus poster was describing. “Every night, I will be narrating you my adventures. I’m a funny guy, you know? You will love my stories, for sure! You are so sleepy and bored all day long that you never see anything but your visitors. On the contrary, I’m a restless flea, who jumps all day from here to there. I have seen many places and I want to see more. Take me with you and you won’t regret it, partner!”.

Euri opened one eye, smiled and said: “I like you Pek, come on, jump up on me. We are leaving soon?”


Let’s follow Pek to his trip. He’s making a trip around Europe. From Spain to France, then Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Nicaragua (yes, he is going to travel to America!).

Each time the circus arrives at a city (your city), Pek jumps away from Euri, the lion, and something funny happens to him, while visiting a place (that you want to talk about) or meeting students from a school (probably your school). Share with us cultural elements of your country through Pek ’s visit. It’s an enjoyable way to get your students involved in choosing what to talk about and how to show it to the rest of the teams.

We thought that giving you some frames of concept we will help the scriptwriters and not restrict them. Imagination is a vital element in our life and here, in Pek #2, we invest our students’ (and our own) imagination in an approach to the different countries and cultures, with a creative way.

If you have any doubt or question or even an objection to our story concept, please say so. Our collaboration lays on terms of understanding.




Pek's route