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During the whole school year the students will: identify important information and prepare online questionnaires,collate the data to spreadsheets with statistical graphs and finally (in April) create a portrait/model of a typical eTwinner involved in our project. You will find some interesting tools for creating surveys here:


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I am very sorry for changing the survey no.3. I had to do that as the service had shown only the first 10 responses for free.

Posted on 30/10/10 22:21.

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Do we have a deadline for creating our survey?

Posted on 14/11/10 14:03.

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It would be a good idea to finish the surveys on schools and towns before Christmas. How much time do you need, Elena?

Posted on 14/11/10 16:21 in reply to Elena Vladescu.

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Our Towns survey results

Dear friends,

You know that Romanian team created a survey with the title Our Towns.

Here are the results of the survey. 41 of you answered to this survey and 45 abandonned it.If you still want to answer our questions, you can found our survey here. Please, click on submit button in order that your answers to be registered.

Elena Vladescu

Favorite Season Survey
Astronomy Survey
answer please my survey from volleyball!
Healthy habits in Europe
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.
A survey on sports
What about a videoconference?
Our Towns survey

Dear students,

Please, fill in this survey created by the Romanian team.

Click on the blue link,, then fill in the survey. When you finish, click on the submit buton.

Thank you!

Elena Vladescu

A poll
A poll 5
Survey 3 (General Information)

Dear Pupils,

I have to ask you to fill in this survey once again. I am extremely sorry but there is an error on our TwinSpace and the second page of the survey doesn't open so I don't get any data. Please use the blue link below to open the survey. When you see the second page with the words "Thank you" after submitting the first page of the sutvey, it means that everything is OK.





Poll 2 (Word Clouds)

Poll 1 (Voki)

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