Pek, the Traveller Flea, is an eTwinning project (which is part of Comenius, the EU program for school learning).

The final result is a comic made among several European schools, published in all their languages, in PDF, web and paper.


The comic magazine #2 is made by teachers and students from:

☼ IES San Clemente, Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)

☼ Centro de Profesores de Nájera (La Rioja, Spain)

☼ IES Rey Don García, Nájera (La Rioja, Spain)

Lycée Louis Blériot, Trappes (France)

☼ XIX Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Lublinie, Lublin (Poland)

☼ Střední škola průmyslová a umělecká a Vyšší odborná škola, Hodonín (Czech Republic)

☼ Liceo Classico "S. G. Calasanzio", Carcare (Italy)

☼ I.S.I.S. Gabriele D'Annunzio, Gorizia (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)

☼ Megyervárosi Iskola Árpád Fejedelem Gimnázium és Általános Iskolája, Pécs (Hungary)

☼ SOU "Georgi Izmirliev", Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria)

☼ The National Secondary School of Humanities and Arts Konstantin Preslavski, Varna (Bulgaria)

Alexandru Stefulescu Secondary School, Targu-Jiu (Gorj, Romania)

Gökçe Karaoğlan İlköğretim Okulu, Samsun (Turkey)

Ortaköy 80th year Vocational High School, Ankara (Turkey)Logo eTwinning

☼ Lyceum Archibishop Makarios III Dasoupolis, Nicosia (Cyprus)

1st Vocational Lyceum of Ierapetra (Crete, Greece)

☼ Escola Secundária de Gama Barros, Cacém (Sintra, Portugal)

☼ Instituto Público de Ticuantepe, Ticuantepe (Nicaragua)

The project’s aims are:

To know about European places and languages.

To learn to create stories and how to convert them into comics.

To learn about software tools such as: web browser, forum, wiki, blog, text editor, image editor, desktop publisher, etc.


Work process:

Each school creates its own script and draws one of the pages of the comic with black ink: the topic is based on a flea that arrives in the city/town where the school is, once there, something funny happens to him.

Pupils at vocational training centers colour all the pages using GIMP.

The whole pages are translated by the school members into all the native languages.

The project manager team composes the comic using Scribus, and publishes it in PDF, web and paper.

♦ There will be related activities such as: a cover contest, a web quest creation activity, a wiki of onomatopeias and interjections, a test of specific software of comic creation, etc.

ITC tools:

Web browser.

Twinspace tools: Web content display, File archive, Image gallery, Blog, Wiki and Forum.

Text editor: MS Word and Open Office Writer.

Image edition software: The Gimp and MS Paint.

Desktop publishing: Scribus.

♫ Specific software of comic creation: Comic Life (avaliation version).

Scan software.


Manager team:

Marcos Vence Ruibal - Teacher - Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)

Maria Sourgiadaki - Teacher - Ierapetra (Crete, Greece)

Pablo Montero Martínez - Student - Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)

Javier Arza Fernández - Teacher Trainer Coordinator - Nájera (La Rioja, Spain)


More information:

Project Diary




You can use the following links to get information about Pek #1, the comic magazine published in June, 2010:


Project Diary


Pek #1 PDF File


As you can see in Project Diary, Pek #1 has several prizes. One of them, runner up of the Europe’s digital heritage eLearning Award 2010, category sponsored by Europeana.


Collaborating institutions:

Concellaría de Cultura - Concello de Santiago de Compostela        Concellaría de Xuventude - Concello de Vilagarcía de Arousa