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Presentation of the project and the main activities to parents of EB 2/3 Mosteiro e Cávado.

On this link you can watch a film about Loulé's Secondary school! It shows an ordinary day for teachers and students. Enjoy!


Portugal - United Kingdom                 Czech Republic                          Greece



Escola Secundária Carlos Amarante (High School), Braga (Portugal)


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Our Connecting Classrooms Hymn clic there to see the lyrics





Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso (High School) - Portugal

Our Connecting Classrooms logo:


In the heart of filigree, that represents Portugal, we can see the following monuments: the astronomical clock of Prague, Czech Republic, Athena’s temple from Greece and the Big Ben from London, United Kingdom.


Now, "Connecting Classrooms" t'shirts from Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal

à see more in “PT – Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso” – “Fashion Show”


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Pay attention please:



Someone delete the information about ENA and OI Cluster in our Wiki page. We spend a lot of hours in this work.

Pay attention with the work published. Please don't delete the work published.

Best regards,

Teresa Lacerda


Dear all!

We have recently organised or taken part in several events. Have a look at our videos, photos and comments.

1. Tracy Irish visit - Royal Shakespeare Company

2. Christmas in a Special School of handicapped children


I hope you'll enjoy watching and reading and write some comments if you want. We really enjoyed doing it.

You will find the sources under the Czech Republic - Gymnázium Příbram.


Hope to hear from you.

Best wishes from


Andrea Lexova

English teacher

Happy New Year


I wish an happy new year to all ENA and OI schools.

A big hug,

Teresa Lacerda from Portugal

Pay attention, please...

We need some rules to put materials in our TwinSpace. My proposal is:

-          Use the Wiki in “Portugal - Czech R. - Greece – London” TwinSpace;

-          Use the child page created for your school; if you didn’t have a child page, please, create one (put the initials the country after the name the school – example: Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso from Portugal is “PT – Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso”);

-          Create a new child page for different subjects inside the page of your school (see the example in “PT – Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso”).

-          When we put new materials in Wiki, we must advertise them on this Blog


If you have another proposal you can share with us, please.

Teresa Lacerda from Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso

Poetry's Day in Paranhos, Portugal

The deaf pupils from School of Paranhos participated in an activity named "Poetry Day". The aim was to show that deaf pupils can also say poems and express abstract ideas. They don´t speak, but they have their own language - the Portuguese Sign Language. In this video they say poems by Matilde Rosa Araújo, a Portuguese poet.

New materials from Póvoa de Lanhoso

 Hello everyone!


See our video and our presentation produced by the students from Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal, about Volunteering in our village ( Food Bank and Social Shop).

We look forward to your comments.

The effects of coffee

I need a coffee!!! I haven't drunk any so far and I reeaaaallllyy need one. Do you know why? Because of its effects. Doctors say it's healthy to drink 1 or 2 coffees a day!

TwinSpace Training

Teachers form South Portugal are having their TwinSpace training at this moment.

The importance of coffee

I can't live without two cups  of coffee a day. It helps me to concentrate and keep woken up.

I don't sleep enough and coffee gives me energy.

On the other hand I love its taste and smell. It creates a special atmosphere.

The power of coffee

Do you believe that coffee is the right starter?


saturday morning training

I think students have heen taught that we should respect everyyone, no matter how " different" that person might be.

Etwinning meeting in Faro

Hi everybody!

On a sunny Saturday morning we're learning to work on the Etwinning platform! Alexander Costa is helping us and he's very patient to answer all our doubts. It's good to share ideas and experiences. Thank you everybody!


Spring is coming

Hello to everyone involved in this project from Pribram - the Czech Republic

After a very long winter in our country the spring is finally here and we are all looking forward to it.

In the Czech Republic folders you can find a sort of advertisement for our spring activity, which we believe will lead us to understand the diversities among people.


You can read it and let us know whether you like our idea and would like to join us and organise something similar for Easter in your neighbourhood.


Hope to hear from you soon

Teachers and students from Gymnazium Pribram


Hello my name is Joana Soares I hope you enjoy our work!

Visit Póvoa de Lanhoso, is beautiful!



We need flags!

Hello everyone:


I'm Stephany from Portugal. My collegues and I want to design and make a dress with the flags of all the countries involved in Connecting Classrooms. I ask for your help. Can the coordinator of each country send us a flag (normal size; not a little flag)? If it is possible put your coment to my message.

My school adress is:

Escola Secundária da Póvoa de Lanhoso

Rua da Misericórdia

4830-503 Póvoa de Lanhoso



Thank you for your help. Answer us as soon as possible.

Stephany Ferreira

Hello from Carlos Amarante Secondary School


all partners theachers and pupils.

I hope this projecto gives us good opportunities to collaborate and learn together. 

I've just invite my students to participate in this collaborative space.

Great project to all.

Adelina Moura


Plans approved!

Thank you very much for your work on your partnership plans!  All the plans have now been approved.  Below are some comments, which we hope will be helpful.


Very best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year!  We look forward to working with you in 2011.


Andrew Spells



Isleworth and Syon cluster feedback:

·      Good aims & objectives

·      Activities – can you do more in year 1 to contribute to aims/objectives?

·      Good to see consideration of fund raising potential, media, sustainability etc


Harrow cluster feedback:

·      Good aims & objectives

·      Good to see overall direction sketched out

·      Lots of activities – perhaps too many?  How will they be coordinated?

·      There appears to be just one school from Greece and 3 from Harrow?


Feedback on draft plans
Colleagues from the Connecting Classrooms team had a long discussion about the draft project plans last week.  They look fine for initial getting to know each other’s schools / countries / contexts activities that will be important in setting up the good working relationships that will last the lifetime of the project.
However, while we appreciate that in some cases we only saw first drafts and that work on them is continuing, we hope that the following feedback will be helpful as you finalise your plans.  In these first year plans we still need to see:
- One plan per cluster of 20 schools, with evidence that all four countries – and all the schools in each cluster in each country - will be involved in the same activities. (It was clear that some of the plans had been written by one school only but it was clear whether there is common cluster agreement.)
- An estimate of the costs involved and how these will be met.
- Scope for fundraising to support the cost of activities
- Consideration of possible media interest
- The theme of inclusion clearly apparent even where the project has a subject focus such as art
- Evidence that the activities will involve a range of students not just “the best”.
Please could you look again at your plans again to see how you can incorporate this feedback. To allow discussion of these points, the deadline for submission of the plans has been moved back to Friday 3 December. Please upload a final version of your agreed plan to your TwinSpace by that date.
However please note that we will be looking for considerably more substantial project activity for year 2 and beyond. In order to continue to secure BC funding for CC (& to have any hope of securing any external funding) we have to be able to demonstrate that this is more than just another school-links project and offers more than might simply be funded from a collection of Comenius projects. We are aiming for a sustainable impact that is likely to come from genuine engagement with issues of inclusion and from activities that involve the local community as well as the school.  Please bear this in mind as you start on activities for this year.
Hi from Prague

Hi everybody,


after a bit of problems with the invitations to this space (we have had in the Czech Republic) we are slowly getting in with the help of our national e-Twinning agency - sharing our freshly gained know-how with our foreign partners in our cluster by e-mail.

On behalf of both clusters  I have to appologize that our Partnership plans will be uploaded with a slight delay also due to different info about deadlines in individual countries. But we are in touch and working on it.

Many thanks for understanding. Best regards - Dasa Sephton - BC Prague, Czech Republic

Partnership plans

Hello everyone!  Just a reminder that we are aiming to have a preliminary look at each cluster's plan on 12 November so that we can offer some feedback if appropriate before the plans are finalised.  Please upload the latest version of your plan to your TwinSpace by 10 November. It doesn't matter if it is still an early draft.  Thank you!

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