Lesson 2



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In the following lesson we are going to work on vocabulary related to the childrens' world, appart from introducing a story "Hansel and Gretel" well-known for them in their mother tongue.



Hansel and Gretel


The triplets got into "Hansel and Gretel" tale, in which they ate lots of candies and find the  "The Candy Queen".
In such an adventure "The Triplets" meet Hansel i Gretel. Walking into the forest, they arrived in an amusement park made of sweets.  "The Candy Queen" wasn't as good as it seemed because she wanted to get them fat in order to eat them afterwards.


Throughout the story many English expressions appear such as:  "jelly bean", "the way home", "hold on", "to throw away", "tasty", "every single one", "a long line of ants", "a caramel with legs", "gingerbread", "fairground", "candy", "to close the door", "the edible amusement park", "free", "fun", "cotton candy", "to slide", "ice cream", "tunnel", "to lock up", "sweets", "happy", "hungry", "prisoners", "to get fat", "goodies", "awful", "the best", "plump", "finger", "bone", "the whole life", "skin", "balloon", "oven", "carefully", "nincompoop", "a cake fight", "angry", "suddenly", "fault", "bowling", "current", "in the nick of time", "the control panel" or "short-circuit".



On line activities:

  • Àlex has two interesting lessons about foot. Have a look!



  • Here you have another version of the same story, more interactive.



Other activities:

  • Prepare a theatre with your pupils. They can decide the characters and the scenary.

  • Make pupets with cartoon, plasticine or some clothes and ply with them.

  • Cook a chocolate cake and put some candies on the top.

  • Make different masks in relation with the characters of the story.




  • Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?


Evgenia from Shumen, Bulgaria

Hansel and Gretel video

Carme, Ingrid and Raquel from Fluvia school, Barcelona, Spain

This time our children have choosen how to work on the story in order to share our experiences with our friends of Europe. Each grup have decided to do different and original things:

  • make pupets with cartoon, paper or plasticine.
  • look for some customs and play the story.
  • make masks.
  • cook a chocolate cake.

Here you have some of their bests moments: 1. Let's make a cake: As we haven't got an oven in our school yet, we decided to cook "virtual cake" using the internet.



Suddenly, two real cakes appeared inside the magic box! We decoreated them with some jam, chocolate and candies. They was really good! Visit our web and discover all the activities we have done.


Ania from Publiczne Przedszkole nr 17, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland

When learn :) how to eat a house of candy and cake ... We were like Hansel and Gretel so we ate some sweet and count how many we eat :).



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