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Web TV

Cette vidéo montre la fin du projet Comenius « Waves » qui se déroulait sur la dernière semaine du mois de Mars 2012 au Lycée Jules Verne à Limours (91) : Un marché culturel organisé par les 7 pays partenaires présents, et des échanges sur le thème de l’immigration...


Turkish emigration

 Video projected by our Turkish partner during the final project meeting in France


Waves / Paris / France - March -2012 from Remzi SOLMAZ on Vimeo.

Immigration in Spain

 Video projected by our Spanish partner during the final project meeting in France


Untitled from Charo Cuart on Vimeo.

Meeting agenda of the final project meeting

Sunday 25 March 2012: Arrival of the partners (teachers and students) at the Hotel d’Orsay, station Le Guichet (RER B)
Monday 26 March 2012
8.10-9.05: Students attend classes with their French host students
9.05-10.00: Musical opening. Welcoming speeches by the French students and teachers who have participated in the project in the conference room followed by a bilingual visit in English and French of our school
10.00-10.15: Break time
10.15-13.00: Visit of Limours
13.00-13.55: Lunch time at school
13.55-14.50: Presentations on multiculturalism made by the 2ndes section européenne (Year 1 in European section) and on globalization by Tles section européenne (Year 3 in European section) in the conference room. Presentations by the 1ères section européenne (Year 2 in European section) of an historical chronology of immigration in France
14.50-15.05: Break time
15.05-16.55: Chronology presentations on immigration in their countries by the partners in the conference room – about 10 minutes per country, preferably a slideshow (ppt, pps or ooi, i.e. Open Office or PowerPoint formats)
Tuesday 27 March 2012
8.10-9.05: Students attend classes with their French host students
9.05: Departure for Paris with various visits linked to our project – Guided tour and quiz in English for visiting the Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration followed by a revisited tour of Paris during which we will first pass by the Arab World Institute, then stop at 14.00 for a visit of the Grand Mosque of Paris, have lunch by 15.00 and last we will pass by the Eiffel Tower.
20.00: Show by our school’s dance workshop in a local theatre.
And you how were you when you were little?
An airport lounge and everything follows.
Some dreams come true and others collapse.
To melt into the mold, to follow the flows and to remember...
To keep one's identity, to run away, to go further...
To find one's haven, to settle down! And to leave again!

Wednesday 28 March 2012
8.10-9.05: Students attend classes with their French host student
9.05-10.00: Setting up the tables, material… and teaming up by languages (English, French, and Spanish) for the poster activity « Say No to Discrimination! » in the hall. Students start working on their posters once everything is ready.
10.00-10.15: Break time
10.15-12.05: Poster activity resumes. Once they’re done, the posters are displayed and presented to the other groups in English in the conference room.
12.05: Students lunch at school or out with their French host students
12.30: Lunch in a restaurant in Limours for teachers
PM: Free time for students and teachers
Thursday 29 March 2012
8.10-9.05: Students attend classes with their French host students
9.05-12.05: Cultural fair in the hall. Each country has a stall and presents essential information for immigrants to enter their country under the format of a guide (e.g. a leaflet); the conference room is available for slideshows, movies… if visitors require it. Visitors are students from our school, from lower secondary and primary schools.
12.05-13.00: Lunch time at school and the stalls are tidied up
13.00-14.50: Euro-Culture game in English in the hall by Chantal Laroche who created this game The students can get prepared by playing online
14.50-15.05: Break time
15.05-16.55: End of the chronology presentations on immigration in their countries by the partners in the conference room – about 10 minutes per country, preferably a slideshow (ppt, pps or ooi, i.e. Open Office or PowerPoint formats). Interviews of students and teachers for the video made by the French Ministry of Education.
Friday 30 March 2012
8.10-9.05: Students attend classes with their French host students
9.05-10.00: Students make their teams for the sport tournament in the conference room / Departure of the Spanish and Turkish partners
10.00-10.15: Break time
10.15-12.05: Sport tournament at the Nautilus sport gym
12.30-13.00: Rehearsal of the Waves Flash mob at the Nautilus sport gym
13.00-13.55: Lunch time at school
13.55-14.50: Songs in English, French, Italian, Spanish… in the conference room
14.50-15.05: Flash mob on the entrance square to wave goodbye
15.05-16.55: The partners go in the computer room accompanied by French students to evaluate the meeting with an online survey and upload their slideshows on immigration in the TwinSpace.
17.00-18.45: Teachers’ meeting in G116
19.00: Speeches by the principal and the mayor of Limours. Farewell buffet in the school restaurant with the host families.
Saturday 31 March 2012: Departure of the partners (teachers and students) from the Hotel d’Orsay, station Le Guichet (RER B)

The Waves FlashMob

Here's the FlashMob choreography that we'll perform on Friday 30 March 2012 at 3PM (Central European Time) on the entrance square of our Lycée Jules Verne school in France. Of course, some students and teachers who won't be in France for this final project meeting but who participated in our Comenius & eTwinning project can also perform it on the music of the Naked And Famous - Young Blood whenever they are at the same time to wave goodbye to one another.


Project meeting in Gausdal, Norway

Gausdal 16 – 20 January 2012 Programme

Monday 16: Arrival of the partners

Tuesday 17: - Departure from Skei (bus) at 09.00
- 09.30 – 10.30: tour of the school
- 10.45 – 11.25: lunch
- 11.30 – 12.00: Coubertin presentation by Atle Bjerke and students
- 12.15 – 15.15: Presentations by the partners (20 – 25 minutes each)
- Break/getting ingredients for cooking
- 16.30: Cooking together in the evening + films by the media classes
- Teachers’ meeting while students are preparing food

Wednesday 18: - 07.30: getting equipment for skiing
- 08.30 – 11.00: skiing
- lunch break
- 12.30: more skiing / other activities (eg MP3 recordings)
- Evening: students’ choice with the Norwegian students + teachers will join you

Thursday 19: - Departure from Skei at 09.30 (bus)
- 11.00 – 12.15: guided tour of the Olympic Museum + quiz
- Walk to the other museum, Maihaugen
- 13.00 – 16.00: guided tour of the museum (exhibition in the main building + open-air museum)
- City walk/shopping in Lillehammer 
- 19.30: going back to Skei (bus)
- Evening: Gathering in the hotel or in the Conference room with the Norwegian students + teachers will join you.
- Final teachers’ meeting

Friday 20: Departure of the partners from Skei at 08.00 (bus)
Swedish group leaves at 11.45 (minibus)

Check the weather forecast on this website: Weather forecast forSkei, Gausdal (Oppland)

Publication of the Spanish school on the project meeting in Turkey

Our Spanish partner has published an article on their digital school magazine where you can see the pictures they took during the project meeting in Elazig to start Year 2 of our project. 

Project meeting in Elazig, Turkey

Elazig weather forecast
This is the program of the fourth meeting of the Comenius Multilateral School Partners “Waves“ that is to be held between 17-21 October in Elazığ: 

  • 17.10.2011 Taking the guests to the hotel from the airport and dinner
  • 18.10.2011

09:00 Going to Elazığ Anatolian High School, Meeting with the staff. Attending lessons.
11:00 Visit to harput, A historical and cultural visit “Harput castle, A local and historical house, Buzluk, Turkish Baths”
13:00 Lunch in Harput (local food)
14:00 - 15:00 Resting time at hotel
15:00 Visit to Pertek Thermal hotel
18:00 Dinner at Baranlar Restaurant
20:00 Come back to hotel

  • 19.10.2011

09:00 Leaving the hotel and trip to Keban (a town of Elazığ), “dam, powerplant, Çırçır waterfall ”
13:00 Lunch (Local Fish Cuisine)
15:00 - 17:00 City Tour (Various craftworks, copper, clothing, needlecraft, spices, marble vs.)
17:00 - 18:00 Resting time at hotel
18:00 Dinner at Kömürhan Bridge (kavurma food special roasted meat) or Dinner at Misland
(there may be a tv program about our Project after dinner)


  • 20.10.2011
    09:00 Leaving the hotel

10:00 Project meeting at Sivrice teacherage by the lake
13:00 Lunch at Sivrice teacherage
14:30 Visit to town of Sivrice and mount Hazarbaba
17:00 Barbecue party and Sıra night (famous local music)


  • 21.10.2011 Departure of the partners


4th- Monday- Arrivals – Hotel Jet- Dinner

5th- Tuesday

·         9.15 We all meet  at the reception.

·         9.30 Coach to Barcelona

·         10.30 Visit to Park Güell (if it doesn’t rain)

·         12.00 Visit to Casa Batlló ,Pedrera, Rambla Cataluña , Paseo de Gracia. OBJECTIVE: TURISM AND EMIGRATION

·         14.00 Lunch  in Stucom or in restaurants near the school.


·         14.00-16.00 STUDENTS WATCH ‘L’AUBERGUE  ESPAGNOL’  In French with subtitles in English .IF THEY HAVEN´T WATCHED IT ; THOSE WHO WANT CAN ATTEND  SOME CLASES FROM 3.30-4.00

·         16.00 Coach to Alella- Visit to Alella Vinicola ,a wine factory OBJECTIVE: NATIONAL COMPANY WHICH EXPORTS TO OTHER COUNTRIES

·         18.30 Hotel Jet

·         20.00 Dinner

·         22.15-24.00 Students listen to their favourite music, chat or dance OBJECTIVE : SHARING OTHER CULTURE, COMMON MUSIC, DANCE, MEETING NEW PEOPLE

6th –Wednesday

·         9.15 Everybody in the coach

·         10.30 Reception from The Catalonian Council and Migration representative.

·         12.30 Visit to the Gothic Quarter- Cathedral and Ramblas


·         14.30 Lunch

·         15.30 -16.30 Other project activities .- STUDENTS LEARN  MORE ABOUT TWINSPACE  (Rooms 21,25,27)

·         16.30-18.00 free time

·         Meeting at Stucom to visit  Camp Nou and its museum .


·         18.00 Departure visiting the Modern Harbour-Montjuic

·         20.00 Dinner

·         22.15-24.00 Students listen to their favourite music, chat or dance.



·         9.15 Everybody in the coach

·         10.15 Short  Visit to Sagrada Familia from the outside

·         10.45-Coach to Stucom.

·         11.15 Presentation of Posters:


·         13.30 Lunch .

·         15.00 Meeting at Stucom to visit  Camp Nou and its museum


·         18.00 Departure .

·         20.00  Farewell Dinner

·         22.15-24.00 Students have a room to listen to their favourite music, chat or dance


  • Departure

The visits in Italy

 i think the italy visiting was very outstanding for me . especially the lucca and colonnata visiting . we have understood the emigration situation more  better  than that we know in lucca museum . and i have learnt very thing about another thing . 

Meeting agenda in Italy for students and teachers

Wednesday 16 February 2011: Arrival of teachers and students. Students join their host families.
Thursday 17 Feb 2011:
Morning: 8.30 Meeting at school
9.30 Visit to the marble quarries and work in Carrara (Nicoli Studio)
Afternoon: 15.00 Cultural mediators from Migrantes National Organization
16.00 Report of the Local Chief of Police on the experiences of the Massa Reception centre for immigrants
Friday 18 February 2011
Morning: (8-10) Lessons for students / 1st Project Meeting for Teachers
10.30-13.00: PowerPoint presentations by students
Lunch : At school
Afternoon: 14.30 : Visit to Lucca and the Museum of Italian Emigration ‘P.Cresci’
Saturday 19 February 2011
Morning:  (8-10) Students group A: Lessons / Students group B: TwinSpace workshop / (10-12) Students group B: Lessons / Students group A: TwinSpace workshop / 2nd Project Meeting for Teachers: final feedback + plans for the future project meeting in Spain
Afternoon: Free
Sunday 20 February 2011: Visit to Florence by train (morning + afternoon) / Viareggio Carnival Parade (afternoon) / Departure day

Monday 21 February 2011: Departure day

Meeting agenda in Sweden for teachers and principals
Sept 28, Tuesday: Arrival day, no scheduled activities
Sept 29, Wednesday: Day out
Sept 30, Thursday: 08:30 Our Headmaster welcomes you to Tessinskolan. Participants present themselves and their school (5 min/school). Presentation of our project: Waves.
09:30 Coffee, then planning of the project
12:00 Lunch together at Tessinskolan
13:00 eTwinning, Project website (computers and projector available)
14:30 Coffee, then further planning until about 17.00 (computers and projector available)
19:00 – 21:00 Evening activity
Oct 1, Friday: 08:30 Lesson visits (language (Sp, Fr, Ge), business, law, mathematics, Swedish and science. Students will show you around Tessinskolan.
12:00 Lunch together at Tessinskolan
13:00 Headmaster meeting
15:30 Our Headmaster closes the meeting
Oct 2, Saturday: Departure day or day out.
Thank you

Thank you very much for e-twining portal :)

A big thank you

A big thank you to our Swedish hosts for a wonderful day yesterday at the 'secret' fortress and teh Museum of Work.  It was a great start ot the week.


Lovely to see you all!

It is very nice to see you all in Sweden, working very hard to make this project a real good one. /Susanne

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