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5th Lyceum of Veria

was established in 1984 as a Comprehensive school. At that time it had 900 students. Since 2000 it has been a General Lyceum and nowadays it has about 350 students and 45 teachers.

The school consists of two buildings and has two big yards that shares with a vocational school nearby.

There are three grades in our school. Students who are in the third grade take university entrance exams every June. When they are in the second and third grade they have extra lessons in the subjects related to their studies such as maths, physics, ancent greek language, literature, computing. Of course they attend other subjects, too. Religion, foreign languages, Drama, P.E.

The students live in the suburbs and come to school by bus, mostly.  Lessons start at 8:30 in the morning and finish at 14:20 in the afternoon

 They don’t have lunch at school but there is a school canteen where they buy snacks such as cheese pies, spinach pies, small pizzas, sandwiches, juices.

5th Lyceum is situated in the west of city of Veria. Veria is called “Byzantine city” as it has about 74 byzantine churches. Also,in the High street of Veria, there are remains of the ancient “Egnatia” road that led from Rome to Constantinopolis in Roman times.


OŠ Preska, Medvode

Our school lies in Medvode, a small town not so far away from Slovenia's capital Ljubljana. It consists of two parts: the old and the new one. In the old part we have classrooms for smaller pupils (6 to 9 years old), a dining room and a kitchen.
In the new, bigger part, there are classrooms for older pupils and special classrooms for Science (Chemistry and Physics), Math, Slovene, English, Music, Biology, Geography, Art and a computer classroom. There are also two gyms and a library with over 14,000 books.
Primary school Preska is visited by students from villages Preska, Golo Brdo, Studenčice, Goričane, Sora and Dol. It also has two branch schools in Topol and Sora. There are about 450 students in our school at the very moment.
There are many interesting activities going on at our school. Students can visit sport activities such as basketball, football and volleyball, a school choir and plenty of other classes. There are also extra lessons which are visited by students who want to know more about something, or who don't understand something.
Teachers are OK. Mostly they are not stricter than needed, and when they are not in a bad mood, you can have some great conversation with them.


Collège Tiraqueau, Fontenay-le-Comte

Our school lies in Fontenay-le-Comte (14000 inhabitants) in western France. It has 40 teachers and 600 pupils (from11 to 15 years old). 40 pupils stay during the week in boarding school.
A normal day starts at 8:10 and stops at 17:00, except on wednesdays when we work only in the morning until 12:15.
We can study here French, English, German, Spanish, Latine, History-Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Physics-Chemistry, Technology, Music and Art. Some classes finish a bit earlier so that pupils can practice sport (karate, judo, football, tennis, swimming, athletics, horse riding) some with a very good level. A new class called european section began this year, pupils learn during two extra hours about english culture and history.
Many activities are also offered during lunch time (between 12:30 and 13:45), theater, sport, choir, library, clubs created by pupils themselves and of course our astornomy group called Tir'Astro.
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