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Do you like window shopping?


Do you like window shopping? 

Whe have created some of the articles designed in "Merchandising" activity.

You can take a look in "SHOWCASE" folder.

Hey! Don't forget you can still upload a design!

I show a copy of our book: it's just a sample one, we'll have all the copies in the end of this week.

Hugs for all of you!


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Wonderful photos Marcos!

I like the designs in "Merchandising" very much! Students have great imagination and creativity! Thank you for the bookmark with my Wordle cloud!

And the book looks perfect!

Posted on 21/05/11 17:14.

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The book is biiig!
It's wonderful, amazing.
I didn't believe it when I had it on my hands.

Soon, it will be in your hands!

Posted on 21/05/11 17:38 in reply to MARIA SOURGIADAKI.

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Yes, the designs are very good- We'd also like to try to create a bookmark. Let's see if we can do it.
Congratulations Marcos! You did a great job! We're looking forward to your book!

Posted on 22/05/11 02:22 in reply to Marcos Vence Ruibal.

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OUR book!

Posted on 23/05/11 01:28 in reply to Lina Maria Pereira.

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The book is lovely and I feel happy.
Me and my students are really looking forward to it.

Thank you, Marcos, very much.

Posted on 24/05/11 09:49 in reply to Marcos Vence Ruibal.

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Parcels are ready!
You can see some pictures in Merchandising, Showcase.

This evening books, stickers and bookmarkers will travel to your school!
I hope you like them!


Posted on 27/05/11 16:44.

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Can you tell us how you were feeling while you were preparing the parcels???
I am jealous of you!

Posted on 29/05/11 20:19 in reply to Marcos Vence Ruibal.

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I was in London with a group of students last week and I didn't have time to have a look on the twinspace.
This morning I discovered the new pictures and I am eager to read to comic .....
The merchandising is really a great activities too.
Thank you to all participants for their creativity and their participation in this fantastic project!

Posted on 30/05/11 12:48.

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I liked to do it but I was in a hurry, so I didn't enjoy it as I wanted.
Students and colleagues was curious, looking and asking all the time.
I love these "strange" activities with pupils.

Posted on 30/05/11 23:22 in reply to MARIA SOURGIADAKI.

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