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Pek's excitement!

 Here I am again!

Although silent lately, today I've got a PEK excitement! Maybe because I saw Marios' drawings! Creativity is exciting and ....I want to stimulate you too! 

Write here, in this blog, or in our project's twinblog, about what you've done so far. Any feelings? Share with us what's happening at the backstage!

Do you want to chat with my boys? It would be fun!


That's all for the moment! Till the next explosion of Pek's excitement...


See you!



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I have the script and storyboard of Pek in Compostela. It looks fine!
But we start now exams and I think we'll have to wait for the cartoons.
Then, we'll upload all the material and translators will start to work!
I have a team of 3 translators from English to Galician.
We keep in contact,

PS: I prefer this blog than Twinblog to do this communication.

Posted on 07/12/10 23:15.

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Hi from Nicosia,

My team has worked on the script today and the storyboard today it is very exciting to watch them work exchange ideas e.t.c. We are also in a period of many tests so things are moving slowly but we are getting there! Chat is a nice idea 21 or 22 is fine these are the last days of school. We close for the holidays on the 23rd.

Sunny regards with almost no rain yet unfortunately,


Posted on 08/12/10 17:09 in reply to Marcos Vence Ruibal.

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Hi, we have been working on the script and the storyboard too. Very busy period but things are going on. As for the chat, I don't know about the dates you suggest because I can be in the computer room only on Fridays.
I think anyway the students could start also some forum discussions about topics which they might find interesting, so to keep in touch. Contact is always very important in these projects
Bye for now,

Posted on 09/12/10 21:15.

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I agree.

Posted on 09/12/10 23:45 in reply to Alessandra Pallavicini.

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Are there any students who are administrators and can start new threads in a forum?


Posted on 12/12/10 22:58 in reply to Marcos Vence Ruibal.

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There are not students administrators, but they can start new threads. (They cannot create categories).

Posted on 12/12/10 23:17 in reply to Alessandra Pallavicini.

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