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eTwinning Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

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Hodonin-GOryahovitsa-Targu Jiu

 Dear partners


Please, before uploading the translated pages of HodoninGOryahovitsa and Targu Jiu, check if you have downloaded the new English version of those pages. Some changes in the scripts have been made and we need to be sure that all files are translated correctly.

Please, make my work easier 


In the table of the activity page: "translations", you can see that files marked with ? have to be changed.


Thank you!



Pek in Budapest

 Just a small stop at the eTwinning Conference, where Pek met so many people!

Here is Maria and Marcos, proud of the first attempt to capture Pek's trip in Europe!

And here is how Pek appeared all of the sudden, in front of the eyes of our audience, with Marcos' hand in action.

Great experience indeed. I hope we all live this again, next year, with Pek#2.

Keep up the good work, dear friends!

Final Result activity page


I'm happy!


Take a look to the new activity page: Final Result.

There, you can see drafts of the comic book pages in PDF format.

I hope you like them!


JClic song activity and the Greek team!

 JClic activity and the Greek team! Hmmm....We had an issue today.

Every week, we have at least one Pek-day at school, with my team working on the activities. Today we had to decide what song we would suggest for the JClic activity. During our previous meeting, my boys couldn’t decide. It was not easy. What kind of song should they choose? Their tastes were different. They wanted the girls opinion too, but we didn’t manage to have them in our company today, so the decision was on them. They finally told me that they wanted to show their favorite traditional cretan song, with mantinades.

But what “mantinades” are? We have to explain.


A mantinada (in plural: mantinades) is Cretan rhyming couplet, typically improvised during dance music. Rhymed Cretan poetry of the Renaissance, especially verse epic Erotokritos, are reminiscent of the mantinada, and couplets from Erotokritos have become used as mantinades. Mantinades have either love or satire as their topics. They are invariably composed in dekapentasyllabos verse and are often antiphonal, i.e. a verse elicits a response and this leads to another response and so on.

The word is derived from Venetian: matinada, "morning song".


Most Cretan teenagers love traditional Cretan music and use mantinades to express love. You can find mantinades written on their books, inscribed in their desks or written with markers on the school walls!

So my boys have given a traditional cretan song with mantinades and love lyrics. These songs are loved for their lyrics. To understand them, we should publish the translation of them, so that you all get a taste of how Cretans express love, even nowadays.


The first verse says:
Love is to love
more than your own life
and to ask your heart
not your logic


I am not sure of where I should publish all these information about my team’s favorite song. Any tips, from Javier or Marcos are welcomed!


Greetings from Grete!



Thank you, Maria.

Thank you for your suggestions, Maria. I've uploaded the changed materials. 

I politely ask the Turkish and the Polish teams to change the translations to the Romanian page as I changed the materials.

best regards,


Thank you Maciej!

 A special public "Thank you" for Maciej, from the Polish team of Lublin. All pages in Polish uploaded at once.

Great work Adam!

A small request now :)

Could you please write in each town's page, in the web content display, the name of the translator? You can see the example of the other translators' names.

Thank you!



Look out! Gorna_EN


We have made some changes in English version of Gorna script.

(Sentences was too long and balloons too small).

Please, download this file again and translate to your language, even BG version.

Thank you,


Our story! A beginning!

Hello everybody from !

We´re starting our story script, but we have some questions that we'll ask soon.

Next week lessons will only start next Thursday after the Carnival. Then we'll go on this interesting challenge!

have a good carnival!

Lina and students

A photo contest

 It's me again!

Hey! Have you seen Adrián's proposal for a photo contest, or game, or compilation (name it as you wish ).

In the pupils' corner! Adrián has posted in the pupils' forum about it and the first photos are uploaded in the image gallery there. Take a look! It's a pleasant activity for the pupils! A photo of what you see outside your window! Inform your pupils about it!


I am really proud of what students are doing in the pupils forum. I'm actually proud of everything is done in this twinspace! We've got active teams and I want to congratulate both teachers and students!


Warm Regards from Crete!





translations' files

Hi dear partners!


Please be careful with the translations' files.

Each translation file must be uploaded in the related city's activity page.   We are a lot of partners, a lot of pages and files are being created, so we must follow instructions.  We must make things easier for the lay-out teams that will edit the comic.

Don't forget to write the name of the translator in the file and in the description of each town's team.


Thank you for your collaboration and the good work you're doing!




Compostella French translation

Trappes translated into French Compostella's script


 The English version is ready to be translated! 



The Hungarians are ready to chat! See you there!


Compostela, Trappes, Gorizia, Varna, Samsun, Ankara and Ierapetra

 Their English texts are waiting to be translated!

English dialogues available for translation

 Hello teams!


Gorizia, Varna, Samsun, Ankara and Ierapetra have already uploaded the English version of the comic dialogues, so get ready for your translations! 

We suggest that partners speaking the same language share the translations (Bruna and Alessandra, Keri-Mariyanna and Yordanka, Meltem and Ercan, Stella and Maria). I will soon get in contact with them through private email accounts, because my twinspace mailbox is not available (who knows why!!!)

Each time a team uploads a new dialogue's-file in English, please announce it here in the blog so that the rest of the partners know it. 


Thank you for your collaboration!


Keep smiling! 



Photos and students' profile

New photos of Ierapetra uploaded at our page! Take a look at them!

At the pupils corner, some members of the Greek team uploaded their profile.

happy new year from Carcare

Hi Pekkies!!!!

Happy New Year to you all It's a bit late but I hope you will welcome it all the same.

I wish you happiness, health.joy and why not money!!!!!

Bruna and her students in Carcare

The dream of a f.l.e.a.

 Hey! No misunderstandings, please!

Our Pek is not an ordinary insect flea. It's a f.l.e.a (funny-laughing-etwinning-animation)


After so many trips from place to place and having the satisfaction of previous awards, now that New Year's Eve is approaching, Pek started dreaming.... dreaming BIG!



Pek is wishing for you

Creativity +  Imagination  + lots of  Smiles


Happy 2011!

Hello, dear friends!!

How are you?

Have a happy 2011!!

Best regards,


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