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eTwinning Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

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My summer wishes have blue color and the smell of salty air.

They have serenity inside of them and they are ready to sail.

They will reach you, wherever you are in Europe,

as they are etwinning summer wishes!

From Greece, Crete and Maria!

(don't worry! Pek knows how to swim!)


Saying Goodbye!

Hi, dear pekkies!

This is the end!

I'm glad and very proud of you!

Some of my pupils said "goodbye" in Pupils Corner Forum, in a post called "Despedida".

You can take a look to the last product of our work: Merchandising activity page.

I hope we'll see soon!

Have a happy summer!

Your bossy boss,


Hi everybody, About the printed version.

Hi Marcos(and his team),

Yesterday I received two copies of Pek#2. Me and my team thank to all of you and your team, very much that you've given us a change to take parti in PEK#2. It's very exciting for us to touch to the printed version of it. I believe it will get QL, easily.

Best wishes


The beautiful project

Hellooo  The project that we have done is very beautiful

Thank you everybody!! 

                                                     __ Lisa __


the beautiful Project!

  Hi! This project is very beautiful!

I enjoyed it very much! Thanks to all partecipants !



Do you like window shopping?


Do you like window shopping? 

Whe have created some of the articles designed in "Merchandising" activity.

You can take a look in "SHOWCASE" folder.

Hey! Don't forget you can still upload a design!

I show a copy of our book: it's just a sample one, we'll have all the copies in the end of this week.

Hugs for all of you!


Soon the end of the adventures for the French team

Good morning every body


We were very happy to work with you on Pek's adventures.

We are looking forward to seeing the comic book.

All the activités were very good.

Were are going to go on a training period.

We are very sorry but we won't be able to work on Pek.


Bye,hope to work with you next year


jessica and her friends  

Pek2 Uploaded!

Hi, members of Pek2 project!

I've uploaded our big comic book, compressed with 7-zip.

You can download the book in Final Results.

Enjoy it!!


Cover context result

Congratulations to all participants

(I counted only the vote of the people who are registered in the twinspace, may that's why you don't see your name.)


Our artists realised great covers. They were very different, original and inventive.  The choice was difficult.....

So the winner is :

Samantha Ana IT



JCLIC, video clps


as you may know there are 3 documents uploaded to the JCLIC folder that Marcos kindly created.


1.- read_me_first (clip), please have a look at it, watch all the videos and read the pdf document before starting any installation.

2.- java_version_checking (clip)

3.- JCLIC_installation_procedure (pdf)


Shortly, a Pek#2 Jclic based pack of activities will be uploaded.

I hope you fiind it funny and suitable for your pupils.

Thanks for your cooperation and so long!



Europe's day

Hi team!

Today is Europe's day!

We can celebrate it!



 182 files describing Pek's adventures in 14 European towns in 13 languages???  


What a joy to insert the last X in the translations' table!

Thank you all for your Great work! My compliments to your students! 


Today, we deserve a "Translations party", to celebrate! 


Many-many wishes for a good day!!!





New Activity: Merchandising

 Hi guys and girls mind of PEK project. I invite you to participate in an activity: design a series of products!

- Bookmarks

- T-Shirt

- Stickers

- Mug


You can upload your designs in Merchandising!



Problem with the forum

If you have some problems with the forum to vote,   it doesn't work well lately. You can vote in the blog and say for which cover you vote.

If it still doesn't work, send me an email.


Don't panic the deadline is postponed until Sunday, May 8th 11:59pm.



Vote for your favourite cover

Everybody (teachers and students) can vote for his or her favourite front cover.

All you have to do is to go into "cover contest", have a look at the different covers and choose the cover which will be the front cover for our comic book.


One vote per person, please. You can add a comment if you feel like it.


Deadline to Friday, May 6th 2011


Don't forget to vote!



So far we have very nice covers. 

You did an excellent work.

The choice is going to be difficult.

For those who'd like to participate the deadline is postpone.

 You have 3 more days to upload your drawings (Sunday, May 1st)

Good luck





Cover contest

Hello partners,

I hope your team is working on the cover contest.....

If you have ideas but don't know how to realise them you can always ask help to the others.
Don't forget we are a good working team ready to help the others.

All the drawings will be used to illustrate the comic so nobody will be disappointed and all work will be rewarded.

We hope to see soon some illustrations!

All the best


 While updating the translations' table, I realized (with great pleasure!) that we have the FIRST page translated in ALL languages and it's TRAPPES!!!

We also have another first place, for the countries that have completed all translations (so far): Romania and Turkey! Well done, Mihaela, Ercan and Meltem!!!!

35 more files to be uploaded

5 to be changed

and some minor missing information (mainly the name of the translator)


When all translations are done, I will have a party and you're all invited!!!!!!!! 


Have a nice time!!!


A new file to translate - Cacém


Hi dear partners / friends! 
One more file for you to translate! It's from Portugal, Cacém .
Remember that teams speaking the same language can arrange who is going to translate it, having a personal communication.
Thank you for your collaboration!
JClic materials

Hi :

I've just sent you (teachers) a message, asking for your recordings, and in some cases, your pictures for the JClic activity.

Thanks, Javier



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