Students and teachers impressions from the project activities





Hello From Turkey



We are happy to this project. We are students from 10 to 14 years old. 

Greetings to All partner!!!



Hello from Lithuania

We are happy to take part in this huge and lovely project. We are students from 8 to 11 years old. 

Greetings to All partisipants!!!


 Hello from Spain. I will introduce you the students who will be taking part in this lovely project. There will be two classes with 16 and 13 students aged 9 and 10. Greetings from our school.







Dear friends let me introduce Bulgarian team.

We will work on this project 3 classes with students 7,9 and 10 years.We will be me- Natasha Djurkova and 3 theachers.

Worm greetings from all of us for you and  we are so glad that will learn more for your countries from you.











High School #198

This is our project team from Yerevan, Armenia.

We’re happy to take part in this project.

We are in the 11th grade. We want to know more about your country and your native fairy tales.


Feom left to right
Gevorg, Ani, Ani, Lida, Gohar, Narine, Svetlana, Serob and our teacher of English Iren Kirakosyan.



 and our 5-th graders



 Hello everyone! 

This is our project team from Slovakia. We are happy to be in this project. We like fairy tales and funny work.


3b, Sona, Ivona and Nela 





Hi dear friends!

this is the beginning of our project.

We are in the 5th classe of  "Siegerland - Primary school" .

We like to read fairy tales and we paint it or we edit the stories digitally.

We look forward to our cooperation and we hope to see you in videoconferencing.

Greetings and best wishes

Christiane and 5c


Hello everyone!

We are from Poland and we are in Year 5 in the Primary School no 4 in Czechowice-Dziedzice.

We can't wait to work and learn with you!

5a, 5b students and Kasia ZawiƂa :)

 Here are our impressions collected during parents meeting on June 13, 2011:

- we worked hard all year, but we also had fun

- great fun and creativity

- good way to learn English

- I'm proud of my kids

- it was worth staying after classes and doing the project

- great way to spend free time

- good way to get in touch with children in other countries


Hello Everybody!

We're the World Club from Keskuskoulu school in Orivesi Finland. We're 4th, 5th and 6th graders aged 10-13. We meet once a week. We love learning about other countries and getting to know students from all around Europe. We also like to work on computers.

If you want to know more about our school, you can check our English homepages.

Our teachers are Satu (club leader) and Tiina (English teacher).


World Club - Orivesi Finland



Teacher Training School of Oulu, Finland -
Pupils’ impressions
List was collected in on 1st of June 2011

Group 1
Best things were
-acting in Serko
- that we didn't have to study school subjects
- we had so many partners in different countries

Group 2
- it was more fun than studying maths or finnish
- it was fun to act
- it wasn't fun because we get tired

Group 3
- it was nice to act
- it was nice to make Serko
- it was nice to work with story from another country

Group 4
- besth thing was acting
- translating the stories was boring part
- most benefit we got from translating the story, because we learned english so well

Group 5
- english lessons were fun
- making the make up for the play was fun
- acting was fun


Teacher Training School of Oulu, Finland -
Parents’ impressions
List was collected in parents’ meeting on 4th of May 2011
  • Very good way to motivate pupils.
  • Challenge: where to take time. Is it away from “real” study?
  • Project encourages kids to use their language skills in real life.
  • I was surprised, seems nice and developing.
  • Good way to practice English.
  • Good thing!
  • Encourages to talk in English.
  • Learning speech by rote is a good for learning syntax.
  • projects are good because it makes variety to school life.
  • Pupils learn about different cultures and increase their language skills.
  • ICT skills are developing.
  • This motivates to study English.
  • Class spirit is developing.
  • Nice “not normal” school project.
  • You learn language in practical way.
  • Team skills develop.
  • International projects are a good thing. In projects you can do different things compared to “normal” school day. Hopefully there still is enough time for basic skills/subjects.
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