Footsteps for peace
A Comenius project published on TwinSpace


Each day pupils hear about conflicts and controversies all over the world. We want them to reflect on the different reasons. They will find out that poverty and hunger, destruction of environment, violence in communities and xenophobia menace peace. As a result walls have been built which separated people and countries. Pupils should learn that walls and barriers are not a basis for a lasting peace.
Politicians, artists and other persons involved in social projects are role models for pupils how to engage for peace.
While working on famous public characters they get ideas how to become themselves pilots for peace. They should be encouraged to be active for keeping peace in school and with their families. Through their knowledge about customs and cultures of different countries they will enlarge their understanding and will intensify their efforts to live together in peace.

German eTwinning award 2011
(1st prize, 4-11 years old pupils)