History of Maths

History of Maths



Maths was born with man and has developed in the centuries along with civilization. Its history is interesting and amazing. Students have been fascinated by the way Maths ideas have originated and evolved.


The Greek Pi number, for example, has a long history. Lots of Mathematicians in all times have devoted themselves to the calculation of its endless decimal digits and many curious stories are told about it. A Pi day is even celebrated!


Maths games are very old: the oldest are inscribed on the Rhind Papyrus and on the Babylonian tablets. You can find some examples of ancient Maths games in our magazine. Please read how the contest between Baccus and Silenius ended up and which words  the Greek Mathematician Diophantus ordered to write on his epitaph.



Alcuin of York


Did you know that Alcuin of York, a teacher and scholar lived  under  the reign of Emperor Charlemagne, chose Maths games to instruct the Emperor’s children and the young nobles attending the Schola Palatina (something like a High School!)?


The history of the magic squares has led us as far as China and then back throughout Europe. In the section about the history of Maths of our magazine you can find the history of the magic squares in six episodes!





 We have started our new school year with a fresh unit on history of Maths. It is about Pythagoras and his school.

This year we have chosen to work on this common topic and this has made our collaboration even closer. Our work has been enriched by constant cooperation and  reciprocal support. Working together and helping one another  has been marvellous.

We have
chosen his topic since Pythagoras lived the last period of his life and died near Matera, in an important centre of Greater Greece, Metapontum.

We have done some activities in collaboration. The Italian students have visited Pythagoras' places and made a couple of vids for their friends of Bucharest!

Visiting the places where the great philosopher lived and showing them to the Bucharest partners has been really interesting and involving!


You could take a look to the story of the shooting on our magazine!


In the first video, filmed on a beach in Metapontum, the Italian students have dressed up as the ancient mathematicians of Pythagoras’s school.

The students have performed an event in the life of Hippasus of Metapontum, Pythagoras’s disciple, who revealed his mates the exinsstence of incommensurable quantities. It is said Hippasus was punished by Zeus for spreading this secret, which destroyed the foundatio of  the Pythagorean philosophy!



In the second video, filmed among the fascinating ruins of Hera’s temple in Metapontum, the students have made an experiment to control the Pythagorean theorem. They found out that it is valid not only for the squares on the sides of a right triangle, but also for all similar figures, as Euclid had already proclaimed!



Here are the photos of the backstage of the two videos. The students worked so hard!



The Italian and Romanian students have teamed up in the writing of some interesting articles on Pythagoras in the section of history of Maths of the magazine. The articles are about Pythagoras’s life, his famous theorem, the Pythagorean table,  his concept of number and the connection between Pythagoras' and...Alice.


Finally, the students from Bucharest have made a fantastic follow-upvideo about Pythagoras and his famous arithmogeometry! . Here the students have turned some ideas of the great Greek mathematician into practice: they have focused on the visualization of numbers through dots.


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