Women Mathematicians

One of the goals we have pursued is to promote gender awareness and empowerment in our girls and to encourage them to choose scientific studies and careers.


For this reason we have carried out a general reflection on the gender gap in the scientific world, and focused on the life of important women scientists who could work as models for our female students.

We have created the section Women mathematicians in our magazine where our students have inserted short articles about women scientists.

Teenagers have realized that women scientists are very different from one another, and deny the stereotype that they must be rather unpleasant, ugly and masculine. Among the “ladies of science” we have found mothers or single women who have devoted all their life to research, but also society women who have hosted great intellectuals in their salons.


Students have read about women mathematicians like Maria Gaetana Agnesi , Sofia Kovalevskaja or Emmy Nother, but also about women who have achieved great results in astrophysics or in medicine like our contemporaries Margherita Hack and Rita Levi Montalcini.

Students have found out about Ada Byron, the first woman programmer and about the work and human qualities of Marie Curie. They have become aware that in the past many women, like the chemist Marie Lavoisier, worked in the shadow, side by side with their husbands, without any official acknowledgement of their scientific outcomes.

We hope we’ll have so many women mathematicians and scientists in the future!